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Repair Stem Cells
(aka: Adult Stem Cells)
Can Repair Your Body ..
..Take ACTION .. and Repair Your Body with your OWN Stem Cells!

Repair stem cells are in your body right now. Many millions of these repair stem cells are residing in your bone marrow,waiting to be released into your bloodstream. When they exit the bloodstream, these repair cells will travel anywhere in your body that is in need of repair and start the rebuilding process.

Do your Adult Stem Cell Research ... Many Reports and Scientists have Explained our Repair Stem Cell Options and how Adult Stem Cell Nutrition works.

ScienceDaily — A Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine researcher has launched the first U.S. trial in which a purified form of subjects' own (adult) repair stem cells was transplanted into their leg muscles with severely blocked arteries to try to grow new small blood vessels and restore circulation in their legs.

The first two subjects in the 20-site national trial recently underwent the repair stem cells transplant process at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Severely blocked arteries in the leg and sharply diminished blood flow can result in wounds that don't heal, the breakdown of tissue and gangrene. This painful condition is called critical limb ischemia (CLI) and results in the amputation of more than 100,000 limbs every year in the United States.

It's a serious, emerging health problem that affects 1.4 million people. An estimated 15 percent of the population will have this disease by the time they reach age 70.

The Northwestern-led phase I/IIa study -- which will include 75 people with CLI around the country -- targets patients who have exhausted all other medical options including angioplasty, stents and bypass surgery to repair blocked circulation in their legs.

"They're at the end of the therapeutic road and they're ultimately facing potential amputation," said Douglas Losordo, M.D., the Eileen M. Foell Professor of Heart Research and principal national investigator for the study. "This is hopefully a way to help them avoid that."

Losordo is director of the university's Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute and director of cardiovascular regenerative medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

"The repair stem cells themselves can assemble into blood vessels," Dr. Losordo said. "They can also secrete growth factors that stimulate and recruit other stem cells to come into the tissue and help with the repair. It's an amazing biology we're trying to leverage in these folks."


He said preclinical studies transplanting repair stem cells into the limbs have shown this approach to be effective in mice and rats. "Based on that, we think it has a good chance of helping humans," Losordo noted.

"This is a dreadful disease in which the profession has failed to offer much in the way of relief for these patients," Losordo said. "We're hoping this will have some impact."

Critical limb ischemia is the result of advanced peripheral artery disease, which affects about 10 million people in the United States. In peripheral artery disease, people develop blockages in their arteries and vessels that slow or stop the blood flow to their legs.

When they have pain at rest in their lower legs and wounds on their legs or feet that will not heal, the condition is called CLI. If left untreated, CLI can result in a patient having toes, a foot or even a leg amputated.

As CLI progresses, people begin to experience pain when they walk, then when just sitting. The worst pain is at night because blood flow is decreased when people lie down. Some have to sleep in chairs to aid the blood flow and lessen the pain.

"Peripheral artery disease is a big health problem," Losordo said. "There is an emerging awareness of this disease on public health."

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and diabetes all raise the risk of having the condition. But some people don't smoke, have diabetes or high blood pressure and can still have blocked arteries in their legs, Losordo said.

For the randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial, Losordo uses the subject's own purified repair stem cells. The subject first takes a drug for five days to stimulate the release of his or her stem cells, called CD34+ cells,from bone marrow.

An intravenous line is then inserted into a subject's vein to collect blood through a machine that removes a population of blood cells that contains the CD34+ repair stem cells. Losordo further selects and enriches the cells to select only CD34+ cells.

Doctor Losordo's study is supported by Baxter Healthcare Corporation, which manufactures the Isolex 300i Magnetic Cell Selection System machine used in this investigational study. The Isolex 300i Magnetic Cell Selection System, which is approved for use in oncology patients, purifies the subject's repair stem cells to provide only the CD34+ stem cells. Losordo is also a paid consultant to Baxter.

Your OWN Repair Stem Cells Are Released from Your Bone Marrow

Scientists can now call up stem cell troops to repair the body using new drug combination's. They have basically 'tricked' bone marrow into releasing extra adult (repair)stem cells into the bloodstream, a technique that they hope could one day be used to repair heart damage or mend a broken bone, according to a new study published today in Cell Stem Cell.

When a person has a disease or an injury, the bone marrow mobilizes different types of stem cells to help repair and regenerate tissue. The new research by researchers from Imperial College London shows that it may be possible to boost the body's ability to repair itself and speed up repair, by using different new drug combinations to put the bone marrow into a state of 'red alert' and send specific kinds of stem cells into action.

In the new study, researchers tricked the bone marrow of healthy mice into releasing two types of adult (repair) stem cells - mesenchymal stem cells, which can turn into bone and cartilage and that can also suppress the immune system, and endothelial progenitor cells, which can make blood vessels and therefore have the potential to repair damage in the heart.

This study is the first to selectively mobilize mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells from the bone marrow. Previous studies have only been able to mobilize the hematopoietic type of stem cell, which creates new blood cells. This technique is already used in bone marrow transplants in order to boost the numbers of hematopoietic stem cells in a donor's bloodstream.

The researchers were able to choose which groups of repair stem cells the bone marrow released, by using two different therapies. Ultimately, the researchers hope that their new technique could be used to repair and regenerate tissue, for example when a person has heart disease or a sports injury, by mobilizing the necessary stem cells.

The researchers also hope that they could tackle autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, where the body is attacked by its own immune system, by kicking the mesenchymal adult stem cells into action. These stem cells are able to suppress the immune system.

Dr. Sara Rankin, the corresponding author of the study from the National Heart & Lung Institute at Imperial College London, said: "The body repairs itself all the time. We know that the skin heals over when we cut ourselves and, similarly, inside the body there are repair stem cells patrolling around and carrying out repair where it's needed. However, when the damage is severe, there are limits to what the body can do of its own accord.

"We hope that by releasing extra repair (adult) stem cells, as we were able to do in mice in our new study, we could potentially call up extra numbers of whichever stem cells the body needs, in order to boost its ability to mend itself and accelerate the repair process. Further down the line, our work could lead to new treatments to fight various diseases and injuries which work by mobilizing a person's own stem cells from within," added Dr Rankin.

The scientists reached their conclusions after treating healthy mice with one of two different 'growth factors' - proteins that occur naturally in the bone marrow - called VEGF and G-CSF. Following this treatment, the mice were given a new drug called Mozobil.

The researchers found that the bone marrow released around 100 times as many endothelial and mesenchymal stem cells into the bloodstream when the mice were treated with VEGF and Mozobil, compared with mice that received no treatment. Treating the mice with G-CSF and Mozobil mobilized the hematopoietic stem cells - this treatment is already used in bone marrow transplantation.

The researchers now want to investigate whether releasing repair stem cells into the blood really does accelerate the rate and degree of tissue regeneration in mice that have had a heart attack.

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The researchers are also keen to explore whether aging or having a disease affects the bone marrow's ability to produce different kinds of adult ( repair) stem cells. They want to investigate all stem cell options, to see which technique might help to reinvigorate the body's repair mechanisms in older people, to help them fight disease and injury.

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