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How Long Must You Take Stem Cell Nutrition to achieve Better Health?

Once in awhile we hear about people looking to achieve better health, who have experienced amazing results after only a few days taking stem cell nutrition in capsules  .. and these stories become a reference point for other people who expect quick results.

Although we are glad that some people at times may experience rapid results, these cases are the exception and sharing them oftentimes does not serve everyone’s best interest.

Everyone wants to feel great, younger, and achieve better health, with a mind and body that impose no limits.

The reality, though, is that the body does experience a very normal and natural decline, and quality of life generally decreases as we age.

Of course, the rate of that decline can be affected by numerous factors such as diet, exercise, attitude, exposure to environmental toxins or lack thereof, rest, etc. But one unavoidable reality is that every day of our lives, each and every organ of our bodies loses cells.

With time — over years and even decades — it is this process of cellular loss that slowly leads to health problems, less-than-optimal organ function, and an overall decrease in quality of life.

Except for catastrophic events that cause accidental injuries, losing health is rarely a sudden event that takes place overnight. It is the slow process of cellular loss in specific organs and tissues of the body.

The problem occurs when people finally decide that the time has come to do something for their health, assuming that two or three decades of slow health decline can be reversed in a week!

The body is a marvelous machine and its ability to regenerate and repair can be at times remarkable,but it is unfair to the body or any lifestyle change to expect results within days.

Tissue repair and renewal is a process, and better health is a balance between tissue renewal and cellular loss.

Although some people may at times see exceptional benefits from stem cell nutrition products within days, on average, more time is needed for people to see an increase in quality of life.

Based on data obtained from validated Quality of Life Assessments, a large proportion of the people beginning to take stem cell nutrition formulas are likely see benefits leading to much better health within 2-3 months. So if people are interested to see whether supporting stem cells function might improve their quality of life, we recommend that they commit to taking Adult Stem Cell nutrition for at least three months.

Along with this recommended time commitment, it is important to keep in mind that the body may at times have priorities that are different from what is in a person’s mind.

Stem cells will migrate in the body following a gradient of specific molecules released by organs and tissues in need of assistance.

This may or may not be related to anything that the person might want to see in terms of benefits. For example, while someone might wish to see a reversal in hair color and the development of a more youthful appearance, stem cells may have an entirely different priority and might focus their effort on renewing an aging liver or pancreas that have not yet showed signs of a problem, though they are nonetheless touched by the aging process.

So what the person wants to see in better health benefits, may differ from what that body actually experiences. Nevertheless, regardless of a person’s expectations, stem cells continue to perform their regenerative work in that body.

Using a Quality of Life Assessment can be an invaluable tracking tool, since oftentimes we miss noticing benefits because our focus is somewhere else, or we get used to small benefits and forget about them. After a few months or so, many people look back and conclude that they have not really gained significant benefits, because they got used to having more energy and a new level of optimal health.

The best approach is to feed your body stem cell nutrition, either in capsules,tablets,or powders for a few months and let the body’s stem cells do their work, naturally, according to the body’s own priority and schedule, with your Quality of Life Assessment keeping track of benefits along the way.

Embryonic vs. Adult Stem Cells: What's the Difference? Which is Superior?

President Obama signed an executive order clearing the way for Federal funds to be used in embryonic stem cell research. But advocates of adult stem cells say there is no need to use embryonic stem cells since each person has billions of their own existing adult stem cells available to them or to science for research and to help obtain better health.

So, since it is quite clear that there is no shortage of adult stem cells, who the headlong rush to focus in on embryonic stem cells that are taken from aborted babies and have not shown any progress of working better than adult stem cells.

Conducting Talk Show interviews on this topic is a panel of expert guests spearheaded by researchers for better health for the world population.

The renowned scientists shared their beliefs why Adult Stem Cells are nothing less than the human body's natural healing system. This idea has profound implications for every area of modern medicine and better health benefits.. These scientists contend that the idea that heart disease, diabetes, liver degeneration, and other medical conditions could become things of the past is no longer science fiction due to recent Adult Stem Cell research breakthroughs...

Better Health and Anti-Aging aided by Stem Cell Nutrition Releasing More Adult Stem Cells Into The Blood Stream

What Are Adult Stem Cells .. and WHY are adult stem cells vital to obtaining better health?

Our Adult Stem cells continually renew and rejuvenate tissues, muscles, and organs as they age and or become injured. It’s proven that Adult Stem Cells are our bodies’ natural repair system. Cellular therapy increasing the number of adult stem cells circulating in the blood stream is critical to tissue regeneration .. longevity, organ repair . Plain and simple.. a larger number of stem cells circulating in the blood will equate to a healthier quality of life, and overall better health.

Adult stem cells are currently the basis for essentially all successful stem cell therapies. By definition, an adult stem cell is an undifferentiated cell found among differentiated cells in a tissue or organ. It can renew itself, and can differentiate to yield the major specialized cell types of the tissue or organ.

The primary roles of adult stem cells in a living organism are to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. One population, called hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) forms all blood cells types in the body. A second population, called bone marrow stromal is a mixed cell population that generates bone, cartilage, fat, and fibrous connective tissue. In general, cells that are now used in therapy are collected from either the bone marrow or the peripheral blood following mobilization with an agent such as granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF).

Recent evidence indicates that bone marrow, in addition to the well-described HSCs and stromal cells, contains a heterogeneous population of non-hematopoietic stem cells that contain some very rare cell populations that displays several features of pluripotent stem cells (stem cells which can create almost all cell types) and can differentiate into cells from all three germ layers (the ectoderm, the mesoderm and the endoderm) - Very Small Embryonic-Like (VSEL™) stem cells. The VSEL™ stem cells have been shown to be present in adults and are mobilized from the bone marrow to peripheral blood by agents such as G-CSF. This finding is of great importance since, for the first time, cells with clearly defined characteristics and clear ability to trans differentiate with high plasticity can be suited for autologous (using your own cells) cell based therapy.

Why Is Stem Cell Nutrition So Important?

So how do we keep our stem cells healthy? We know that as we age we have fewer stem cells and their quality declines. We know that DNA repair maintains genomic stability and the loss of DNA repair capacity results in genetic instability that may lead to a decline of cellular function and a number of malignancies. Therefore, DNA repair must be part of any anti-aging program. More specifically, anti-aging programs must focus on how to improve the function of DNA and particularly the quality of the DNA in our adult stem cells.

Our genetic inheritance for health and life expectancy is encoded in each of our cells - specifically in the DNA content of our cells. In optimal conditions, DNA copies itself over and over again, making perfect reproductions. But, as people age, their DNA is damaged continually by the environment, poor diet, and physical and emotional stresses that we experience throughout life. DNA begins to reproduce poorly and ultimately stops reproducing itself completely. The dreaded result is sickness, disease and aging.

Can we release more Stem Cells into the Bloodstream to renew the body faster?

The body dispatches a “ 911 call” for new adult stem cells to fortify the renewal process. it’s a balancing act between Life.. and Death.

You want to try to renew your the same pace that cells are dying.. “Cheat” death a little..and take stem cell enhancer capsules. Within 60 Minutes of consuming 2 Stem Cell Releaser Capsules ( one Gram ) it is proven to release over 5 MILLION New adult stem cells from the bone marrow, into the bloodstream.

Furthermore, the damage to DNA has a direct impact on another key component that is responsible for aging; stem cell pool reserves. Adult stem cells have been shown to be present in the bone marrow, and many different body tissues, including adult adipose tissue, neuronal tissue, immune tissue, and gastrointestinal tissue.

Adult stem cells have the potential to re-differentiate and restore the aging and non-functional tissues that are damaged by the many aspects of aging itself. With continued damage and poor repair of DNA, the genetic machinery of DNA of the stem cells are also injured. Its regenerative and restorative capacities are therefore lost over time.

Adult stem cells relating to anti-aging research also suggests that the body is built for much greater longevity and self-repair than previous research has shown. Moreover, we can regulate which aging genes to “switch off” and which to “switch on” thereby altering how our genes are “expressed” and influence how we age, and achieving better health.

And,very likely … how long we will live.

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