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How to mobilize stem cells .. plus, the *Ingredients* of the #1 Stem Cell Releaser Supplement

This Wellness Discovery that will naturally mobilize (release) stem cells by the Millions, into the bloodstream, is a blend of a revolutionary formula of 3 exotic, plant-based ingredients to provide a significant increase in the release of your body’s own stem cells

These compounds are extracted using a proprietary process that utilizes no chemicals or harsh agents.

Undaria pinnatifida is an ultra-pure marine algae grown in pristine ocean waters. Known as one of the ocean's greatest treasures, Undaria pinnatifida (fucoidan) has been documented to support a long-lasting increase in the number of circulating stem cells, and Stemtech owns patents issued and pending worldwide on this novel claim.

Aloe macroclada is considered by the people of Madagascar as a factor of rejuvenation and longevity. It has been documented to support an increase in the number of circulating stem cells and Stemtech has patents pending worldwide.

OTHER INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: Astragalus membranaceous Extract has been shown to have a beneficial role in maintaining telomere health.

Cordyceps sinensis is associated with stamina, longevity and a wide variety of health benefits. Cordyceps is certified organic.

Curcuma longa (Turmeric) is known to provide many anti-aging benefits. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from free radical damage and oxidative stress.

These are the world's first, and most advanced stem cell nutrition supplements to date. It is the cutting-edge of modern science and performs in two ways.

First, this stem cell releaser supplement is the only product on the market that contains stemrelease® – an exclusive blend of clinically tested ingredients that help release millions of your body’s own stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream.

Studies show that the more stem cells you have circulating in your blood, the greater the ability of your body to naturally renew itself.

Second, with its youth-promoting nutrients, the stem cell releaser supplements help support telomere health. Telomeres are the caps that protect the ends of chromosomes, similar to how shoelaces have plastic caps to stop them from fraying. Supporting and maintaining the health of your telomeres can help you enjoy a healthier and more youthful life.

The number of mobilized stem cells and the number of circulating stem cells was quantified by analyzing the blood samples using Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS).

Consumption of Stem Cell Releaser supplement capsules triggered a significant 30 % PLUS increase in the number of circulating stem cells.

1. What is the Science behind the World's #1 Stem Cell releaser supplement that is proven to mobilize stem cells from the bone marrow?

What keeps us healthy?

Adult stem cells are our body’s natural renewal system. They are the essential components for repairing and renewing our bodies. They are new cell factories that work every day to produce cells that can change into all the different types of cells that make up each part of the body. They are essential for the day-to-day maintenance and repair of organs and tissues. The more adult stem cells we have, the healthier we will be.

What makes us lose our health?

Over a lifetime, factors such as daily exposure to environmental toxins, physical and mental stress, a poor diet, and the aging process reduce the number and effectiveness of our adult stem cells. As a result, it becomes more difficult to heal ourselves and to stay healthy.

Can we increase the number and effectiveness of our adult stem cells to help make us healthier?

Yes. We can increase the number of stem cells in our body when we trigger their release. This allows our body’s regenerative processes to dramatically increase.

What is the optimum way to increase the release of our body's stem cells?

Independent medical studies have proven that stem cell nutrition, utilizing natural botanical extracts, can support the natural healing role of stem cells in our body and significantly increase the release, circulation and migration of adult stem cells.

2. What is the Recommended Serving of this stem cell mobilizer?

One gram of stem cell nutrition formulation( 2 capsules) triggers a significant 30% Plus increase in the number of circulating stem cells. That is approx. 4 to 5 Million Bone Marrow Adult Stem Cells released within 90 minutes.

The effect lasts for a few hours. The recommended serving of the bone marrow stem cell mobilizer is therefore 2 capsules once or twice a day, at least 6 hours apart. Remember, to mobilize stem cells Everyday!  Feed your body stem cell nutrition Every day !

3. What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is a cell that has the ability to duplicate itself endlessly and to become cells of virtually any organ and tissue of the body. Embryonic stem cells are cells extracted from the blastula, the very early embryo, that have an exceptional ability to duplicate in vitro, that is in a test tube, and to become cells of almost any tissue.

Adult stem cells are cells found in an organism after birth. Until very recently, it was believed that adult stem cells could only become blood cells, bone and connective tissue. But recent development over the past 5 years have revealed that adult stem cells have capabilities similar to embryonic stem cells. Another reason of the wellness benefits to mobilize stem cells ,especially bone marrow adult stem cells.

4. What is the Stem Cell Theory of Renewal?

The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal, and a supporting natural process to mobilize stem cells, proposes that stem cells are naturally mobilized by the bone marrow and travel via the bloodstream toward tissues to promote the body’s natural process of renewal. When an organ is subjected to a process that requires renewal, such as the natural again process, this organ releases compounds that trigger the release of stem cells from the bone marrow.

The organ also releases compounds that attracts stem cells to this organ. The released stem cells then follow the concentration gradient of these compounds and leave the blood circulation to migrate to the organ where they proliferate and differentiate into cells of this organ, supporting the natural process of body renewal. So, if you mobilize stem cells from the bone marrow,on a daily basis, you may also slow down the aging process.

5. Why do we hear much in the news about embryonic stem cells and very little about adult stem cells, and adult stem cell mobilization?

The first human embryonic stem cells were grown in vitro, in a Petri dish, in the mid 1990’s. Rapidly, scientists were successful at growing them for many generations and to trigger their differentiation into virtually any kind of cells, i.e. brain cells, heart cells, liver cells, bone cells, pancreatic cells, etc. When Scientists tried growing adult stem cells, the endeavor was met with less success, as adult stem cells were difficult to grow in vitro for more than a few generations. This led to the idea that embryonic stem cells have more potential than adult stem cells. In addition, the ethical concerns linked to the use of embryonic stem cells have led to a disproportionate representation of embryonic stem cells in the media.

But recent developments over the past several years have established that adult stem cells have capabilities comparable to embryonic stem cells in the human body, not in the test tube.

Many studies have indicated that simply releasing stem cells from the bone marrow, with a NATURAL process to mobilize stem cells, can help support the body’s natural process for renewal of tissues and organs.

6. Can this process to Mobilize Stem Cells deplete the bone marrow? Do we have a finite number of stem cells?

No,  stem cell nutrition consumption to mobilize more stem cells is supporting a natural stem cell release, and will not deplete the bone marrow.

The bone marrow constantly produces stem cells for the entire life of an individual. Stem Cells released by the bone marrow are responsible for the constant renewal of red blood cells and lymphocytes (immune cells). A 30% to 50% increase in the number of circulating stem cells is well within physiological range and does not constitute stress on the bone marrow environment.

The amount of active bone marrow amounts to about 2,600 g (5.7 lbs), with about 1.5 trillion marrow cells. A 30% to 50% Plus increase in the number of circulating stem cells triggered by the consumption of 1 gram of stem cell nutrition supplements corresponds to approximately 5 -6 million cells, which is a small portion of the stem cells present in the bone marrow.

7. What happens to stem cells, mobilized (released) by stem cell nutrition ,if they do not reach a tissue?

Stem cells mobilized from the bone marrow that do not reach a tissue simply home back to the bone marrow after some time.

8. Can stem cells lead to aberrations .. such as cancer?

Only embryonic stem cells have been associated with the development of aberrant growth. Stem cells present in specialized tissues such as the intestinal mucosa may also play a role in the development of aberrant growth. But stem cells released by stem cell nutrition, from the bone marrow, have not been associated with such problems.

9. Why has MLM ( Multi-level-marketing) been chosen as the Marketing distribution Channel for Stem Cell Releasers?

The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal constitutes a new paradigm in health sciences. Likewise, stem cell nutrition in capsules and tablets,is the first product line in a novel category of revolutionary products called “stem cell nutrition.”

Stem cell releaser supplements are products that support stem cell functions in the body. Given the novel nature of both the concept and the product, a significant effort of education is required to help people become aware of this new technology.

The power of networking offers a unique opportunity to generate awareness and educate people about the wellness benefits of adult stem cells and stem cell nutrition ... and this new paradigm. Furthermore, the MLM channel offers unique opportunities for people to develop home-based businesses and create greater financial freedom.

10. How does an increase in the number of circulating stem cells and the process to mobilize stem cells by taking this wellness discovery,lead to optimal health?

Circulating stem cells can reach various organs and become cells of that organ, helping such organ regain and maintain optimal health. Recent studies have suggested that the number of circulating stem cells is a key factor; the higher the number of circulating stem cells the greater is the ability of the body at healing itself.

Every day ,if you mobilize stem cells by the millions, that are "Stuck" in the bone marrow .. you will have millions more stem cells in blood circulation to migrate into tissues to renew and repair.

11. What is the optimum way of taking these All Natural vegi-capsules that mobilize stem cells?

It can be taken with or without food, though some people at times experience some heaviness when taken on an empty stomach. The same experience has been reported when taken with an acidic juice like orange juice. Otherwise ,stem cell nutrition in capsules, can be taken with any fruit or vegetable juice, or with water.

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