Eye Surgery Options
using your Own Adult Stem Cells ! 

Laurence Chilcott researched his macular degeneration eye surgery options and decided to NATURALLY mobilize millions more of his bone marrow adult stem cells by consuming stem cell nutrition capsules.

Every 2 capsules ( 1 GRAM ) of propriety formula stem cell nutrition mobilizes (releases) Millions MORE new , young stem cells within 60 MINUTES of consumption!

Using stem cell releasers as one of his prime eye surgery options ,Laurence had NO stem cell harvesting, No stem cell extractions .. No stem cell Injections .. .. and absolutely NO controversy..because these were his OWN bone marrow adult stem cells and his stem cells NEVER left his Body!

Eye Surgery Options and Restoring EyeSight with Adult Stem Cells

There are several eye surgery options to consider when experiencing eye problems. Please investigate the proactive approach of harnessing the renewing power of Your own Adult Stem Cells for eye surgery options and helping your eyesight.

Eye disease and eye injury certainly can be helped with surgery and drugs. But, it is a scientific fact,that Your Own Adult Stem Cells..circulating in your blood stream RIGHT NOW.. are proven to be the bodies POWERFUL Natural Renewal System. It is these " Master Cells" or "REPAIR STEM CELLS" that should be considered and wisely investigated as proactive eye surgery options!

Testimonials of How People Used Adult Stem Cells..and Stem Cell Enhancer Capsules, as Eye Sight Improvement

Testimony # 1.. for Eye improvement ..

Not a Dry Eye in the House!

Research shows that over 5.2 million people in the United States suffer the discomfort of chronic dry eye syndrome. Many of those are women who have gone through menopause, and who often try to alleviate the awful discomfort with eye drops, saline spritzing and supplements with essential fatty acids. Connie Eccles knows all about this, because she has suffered for a long time with chronic dry eyes.

“I felt I had a future of eye discomfort and continual spritzing,” Connie says, “but then I heard about stem cell releasers and cellular nutrition and decided to try it. I felt I had nothing to lose.”

Understanding that adult stem cell enhancer capsules,release bone marrow adult stem cells, which in turn, increases stem cell production and migration to places in the body that need renewal, Connie began taking two capsules in the morning and two at night.

Connie continued investigating her eye surgery options. But, within four weeks, she was amazed to discover that she could open her eyes in the morning without spritzing them, and she no longer had to wake in the middle of the night to relieve her discomfort with eye drops.

As she continues to use stem cell nutrition,and releasing millions more stem cells into her blood every day, Connie’s chronic dry eye is mostly just a memory, and she has noticed some other positive changes: She seems to be able to see a lot better (“New lenses again,” she says, with pretended annoyance), and those “sugar numbers” are now maintaining normal levels.

Connie researched many eye surgery options, but credits releasing millions more of her own "Stuck" bone marrow adult stem cells with improving her quality of life .. Naturally ! “I have not changed anything else in my life to make these things happen. My life is better because of my stem cell enhancers!”

Testimony # 2 .. Adult stem cells helped many wellness problems, including eye floaters.

G. W. • I am sixty-eight years old and have uncontrollable sugar problems. Fifty units of insulin three to five times a day couldn’t keep my blood sugar level normal. It would soar over 300, and the insulin could only bring it down the mid-200 range. I had problems with my blood pressure and was losing my eyesight from my unstable blood sugar. After ten days on stem cell nutrition, I was able to bring my blood sugar level down to 150 to 160.

After six weeks, I could control my sugar levels at 120 to 140 with less than 30 units of insulin. Within eight weeks, I didn’t need to take insulin anymore. Since then, I can maintain normal blood sugar levels without medication.

I continued investigating my eye surgery options, but my vision cleared and the floaters in my eyes are completely gone. My blood pressure, which was 212/150, is now down to 110/60.

I also suffer from bad joint discomfort. I have been a professional soccer player in the Netherlands where I injured my knees. Later, in my handyman business, I had trouble using step ladders to install ceiling fans and the like. I would have so much swelling and pain in my knees, that I would have to literally crawl up the steps to get home.

Six weeks after starting the stem cell nutrition, I went off medication totally. The swelling went down, and it looks as though I have soccer legs back.

The other day I was "carded” for my Senior Citizens Discount at a restaurant! I feel like I’m 39 or younger! My hair is even turning back to its natural color. Every day ,having millions more Stem Cells circulating in my blood stream, has revolutionized my life. I feel like I am physically reborn.

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Adult Stem Cells
on Contact Lens help Restore Eyesight ( See Video)

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