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Yes, adult stem cell nutrition and adult stem cells are in the news more frequently.


Because adult stem cells are our body's natural renewal system. It is a proven scientific fact.. With more adult stem cells circulating in our blood stream, the closer we are to achieving optimal health. Without adult stem cells we would NOT be alive !

The latest adult stem cell nutrition "Natural products" on the health and wellness horizon is a new category called -- Adult Stem Cell Releasers and stem cell technology for  NATURAL Skin Care.

The world's first Stem Cell Nutrition Company is based in Florida, USA , and has been mentioned highly in the news media and scientific journals.

It's  likely you've heard something about stem cells. They have been the subject of many headlines, especially the debate between embryonic and adult stem cells. The reason why this debate rages is because of the potential stem cells offer to renew and repair the body.

Scientists, thru many extensive research studies, have shown that adult stem cells can become ANY other TYPE of CELL in the body.

An example of this from the home would be a special type of putty. If I had a problem with the walk way, we put some putty there and it becomes the walk way.

If we have a hole in the wall and put a piece of putty in the hole, it becomes part of the wall.

In the body, an adult stem cell migrating into the kidney will become NEW KIDNEY CELLS.  In this regard, science has found a way to renew all the different types of cells in the body with our own adult stem cells.

This discovery as created a huge interest from stem cell nutrition scientists, along with the medical community specializing in stem cell research. Stem cell researchers are well aware of the potential health benefits from stem cells and have focused their efforts on how best to utilize them.

At this point, there are three approaches. The first approach is embryonic stem cells. Highly controversial, embryonic stem cells are taken from the very early embryo called the blastula.

The ethical considerations and the results from studies using them, make embryonic stems cells less than ideal, often creating tumors.

The second approach is adult stem cells harvested from the patient's bone marrow over a period of weeks, which are then injected back into the patient.

These clinics operate in China, Mexico and Russia for example, and cost approximately $15,000 Plus per injection of 1.5 million stem cells.

The third approach, is by far the most sensible, ethical and cost-effective. The world's first company has produced a patented Adult Stem Cell RELEASER Supplement.

The "Stem Cells For All" wellness mission is to enhance the natural release, circulation, migration and proliferation  of our own adult stem cells.

Adult stem cells are present in our bone marrow and are responsible for the renewal of our cells from the day we are born until the day we die.

Similar to other functions in the body, this natural release slows down with age. If our body cannot regenerate itself, then we will not heal fast enough or experience optimal health.

It's as simple as that.

We know this process slows because in children, the bone marrow is red, but in adults, the bone marrow in the long limbs for example, is predominantly yellow as it has been displaced by fat deposits over time. Adults still have red bone marrow, but in fewer places.

Enhancing the RELEASE of our own bone marrow adult stem cells  can give us a new anti-aging, body renewal boast.

Some senior citizens are happy to report the heart health of a 35 year old after a trip to the doctor.  Now , with the aid of adult stem cell RELEASERS ,  capable of mobilizing MILLIONS MORE New, Fresh bone marrow Stem Cells into blood circulation, within MINUTES ...  a person can re-experience the body renewal system they had in their younger years.

This stem cell releaser -- a propriety formulation ** SEE THESE INGREDIENTS  -- was tested in a double-blind, peer reviewed clinical study and proven to increase the number of circulating adult stem cells in the blood stream by 25% to 35%.

This equates to 6 Million Plus / MORE NEW CIRCULATING STEM CELLS RELEASED for the average person, per 2 Capsules. 

The health implications of this study significant and will make stem cell enhancers the new antioxidants.

Just as vitamins were popular, herbs were popular and juices were popular, stem cell enhancers promise to be the next big health and wellness breakthrough of our times.

Stem cell nutrition and Skin Care Stem Cell technology is now being accepted..and marketed thru-out the world.

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About Stem Cell Nutrition:

Founded in 2005,the World's First Adult Stem Cell Nutrition Company is the pioneer of a new category of nutritional supplements, coined ‘stem cell nutrition’. Its products are clinically studied and patented or patent-pending, and harness the body’s own cellular self-renewal system by supporting the natural release, circulation and migration of adult stem cells. Stem cell nutrition wellness products are only available through Independent Business Partners.

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