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Read Below on how to get No Cost , Responsive, Buyer Leads added to your marketing and sales funnels 

Finding responsive free leads requires networking , relationship building.. and a SYSTEM.  Locating random names or buying opportunity leads to recruit Stem Cell Nutrition customers and distributors is  somewhat  simple.. . But, getting  RESPONSIVE  leads and free prospective stem cell nutrition customers and distributors , is NOT  quite as simple.

The * Most probable*  prospective customers and A+ Leads, are those  people and contacts MORE likely to do business with you  ....  and do it sooner... rather than later.

Your “Less probable” prospective  leads (many marketers  call them “tire-kickers” , slow your business down and  curb revenues.

Working with  prospects and "inquiring minds" who are not qualified can be a waste of time to try to recruit on to your stem cell nutrition team .. or ANY other Businesses you are promoting.

The EJ Morris MLM stem cell nutrition wellness team  uses a variety of marketing tools, including automated lead generating SYSTEMS to fill the marketing and  sales funnels.

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That being said ...  if  a person is interested but it is simply not the right time yet for them to make a purchase, or join  your affiliate program,  the relationship probably just needs to be nurtured.

You need to set the " CALL to ACTION" steps  with them and be there when they are ready. They are qualified,  but, just not ready to make a buying decision... YET !

This is still a quality lead for you , ... unlike a totally unqualified prospect.

Let’s talk about several ways that you can get  leads and potential prospects into your  marketing funnel for  your nutrition businesses, including  leads to recruit into the exploding stem cell nutrition and stem cell replacement category.

Question:  What is a  sales Funnel for the stem cell nutrition market .. and how is the sales Funnel constructed ? 

Answer:  Your Lead Funnel are all the web sites , links, squeeze pages, and social book marks  that are key word  rich for  stem cells and stem cell nutrition MLM.  The sales funnel can travel LEFT to RIGHT... or TOP to BOTTOM.

 Your  lead Generating Sales Funnel is much larger on the LEFT with “leads” or “suspects”.  You Funnel gets narrower as you move to the RIGHT.... , at Interested  leads / Consulted With Leads / Qualified Leads / Selected Leads .. and , finally, Closed Leads .

Your other Funnel starts much bigger at TOP with “leads” or “suspects” ...  and  gets smaller as you go down.

Either prospect lead generating funnel works in the stem cell nutrition market. ....  just understand that it takes many prospects to "Sift and Sort" thru to find a  handful  of quality, qualified buyers, that  are ready, willing, and motivated to buy your nutrition products or services  .. or join your  stem cell nutrition MLM business.

OK.. Here are some Free Lead Generating Tips.

1.  Search our  live events, including health and nutrition networking events. These  are a great place to find successful networkers and responsive medical and scientific professionals.  They can become strategic partners themselves , and  also can  refer you to their health and wellness  business associates. .

Look for the right live events where these types of  prospective prospects might be. In a room of 200 people, there might just be a small  number of people that  you might want to ' socialize and network with'...  be selective, your time is valuable. Your mission is finding Responsive contacts. Avoid Time Wasters!

2. You can prospect for free leads and prospects..  PLUS  build your business, right from your desk ..  and NEVER leave your office .

Search out and select profiles in and other virtual sites where other ' Health and wellness professionals "hang out" '

Then answer LinkedIn questions, connect to others, and join appropriate LinkedIn groups.

3. Existing clients and customers provide great opportunity to do more business, and are the best free leads you can 'RECRUIT" into your marketing funnels.

Stay on the cutting edge to know what your current customers need Now,...   and what they  might want in the future. 

Offering " First Movers Advantage" on global  home business  opportunities  to existing clients will brand you as a  Marketing leader in their eyes.  Then converting them into Excited , Happy team mates is much Easier .. since they are starting to ...

Know you , Like you... and  Trust you !

4. Referrals are  # 1  lead magnets, when it comes to finding responsive , no cost leads and prospective customers.   Ask for Referrals .. and see what happens !

Whether someone is a customer, or just someone who knows what you do and wants to be helpful  ... referrals are the best way to do business and cultivate very responsive stem cell nutrition no cost leads. 

When someone is referred to you, their " suspect" mindset  is  low.  If they trust the person who referred you ,  this lead will convert into a buyer, a stem cell nutrition  distributor, or team member real quick.  Just offer details on how you.. and your team works,  and see if they are ready to get started.

5. Add Testimonials on your website, on your business Facebook page, and on sites like LinkedIn. Testimonials are like digital salespeople acting on your behalf.

Not only should you be asking those who know your work ethics to endorse you, but you should plan to create a testimonial each week for one of your strategic team leaders. 

Notice that NONE of these ways involve a strategy of “cold calling” other than perhaps an introductory call to a warm contact. So don’t get worked up about reaching out for fresh contacts , and go after the low hanging fruit in your database ..  and on your social connections.

An important factor is that you MUST take ACTION every day to Generate business contacts for any of your businesses, including the stem cell nutrition business opportunity...

You must  have a good supply of people in your Funnel , to convert them from responsive leads , to happy customers that  buy ANY of your products or join ANY of your businesses .. including your MLM stem cell nutrition networking opportunity.

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