The anti-aging War !
My name is
EJ Morris.. and I research
aging options.
I'm fast closing in on 80.. but I Feel Like 50 !

EJ Morris

Discovery of how anti-aging relates to more circulating Adult Stem Cells.. Do You Know How to
Mobilize (Release) More Stem Cells into your Blood Stream
to Fight Aging & Disease?

Why Look OLD and have Wrinkled Skin ..
Look YOUTHFUL Longer !!

The Anti-Aging WAR is here !

It is now a documented fact that stem cells are linked to age and help in combating the aging battle.

FACT: A baby doesn’t worry about growing old. A baby has stem cell circulation of 100% in their blood stream, however by the time people reach 45 years old, many are searching for anti-aging creams , potions and lotions.

FACT: by the time men and women reach age 65, they only have 10% of active stem cells remaining in circulation. And those 10% of circulating stem cells are all that are left in the body to fight aging ,disease and over all good health.

This is why a child recovers from sickness so quickly … that’s why when a child fractures a leg they heal and repair quite rapidly, because their system of stem cell release into the blood stream is functioning at optimal levels.

The older we get, there are fewer and fewer stem cells being released into the bloodstream … thus the LONGER it takes to heal, repair and rejuvenate our older body.

That is exactly why the OLDER we are,the more easily we succumb to health problems and injury. The signs of an aging, worn body… and mind, are easily detected.

Think about it : Have you ever noticed the length of time it takes for a cut or bruise to heal now compared to when you were a teenager? The reason being you have less healthy stem cells circulating in your system now … compared to then.

Scientific anti-aging research shows stem cell release rates from the bone marrow drop at an astonishing rate as we age, as per the following percentages:

35 years – the stem cell release rate drops by 45%

50 years – the stem cell release rate drops by 50%

65 years the stem cell release rate drops by  90% (leaving only 10% of stem cells circulating in the blood stream and this is when we need them the most to fight disease,sickness, and just plain " GETTING OLD"!

The good news is it’s NOT too late to combat the aging process. Your OWN Stem Cells will Fight the "LOOK Old.. Feel OLD" war.

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FACT: By consuming 2 STEM CELL RELEASER capsules, you will release, from your Bone Marrow,  MILLIONS MORE NEW Stem Cells into your Blood stream circulation, within MINUTES ..

NO Harvesting of Your Stem Cells..

NO Expensive INJECTIONS of Stem Cells.. & NO DRUGS ! 

Your Newly released Adult Stem Cells will CIRCULATE in your bloodstream, then MIGRATE into tissues and organs, in need of Repair ... and renew your body and may even help you look ..and feel younger.

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Anti-aging Wellness Discovery... Fact: Your Body has a Miracle Renewal System .. ..Your Own Stem Cells

.. Have a New INTESTINE LINING Every 5 Days ..

Every 4 Years..

New LUNG every
4 to 5 Years

..and a New HEART every
   15 to 20 Years !

Stem Cell Anti-aging.. Stem Cell Nutrition .. ... Stem Cell Releaser Supplements Mobilize Millions MORE Fresh Bone Marrow Adult Stem Cells Into the Bloodstream Within Minutes!

Yes.. Stem Cell Nutrition and Stem Cell Releaser Supplements are Available Now !

Consider all the natural adult stem cell body repair and tissue regeneration options for sick ,aging or injured people and animals. Now, you can Release, Circulate and help Migrate Millions MORE fresh Bone Marrow Stem Cells, throughout your bloodstream , tissues and organs, WITHOUT Drugs.. WITHOUT Harvesting .. and WITHOUT Injections.

Take a daily supplement of stem cell nutrition and stem cell releaser supplements as an Anti-aging option to balance the body’s renewing power of stem cells against the stem cells that are dying, and becoming dysfunctional every day.

Patented stem cell releaser capsules ,and stem cell nutrition, have been widely consumed since 2005, and are helping people regain ..and maintain Optimal health and anti-aging benefits.

Within minutes of consuming 2 , all natural, stem cell releaser capsules, Millions MORE adult stem cells are released from the person’s bone marrow into their blood stream.

Circulating thru-out the blood stream , these newly released stem cells will migrate into tissues and organs that are in MOST need of repair and renewal.

Unlike traditional multivitamins that work by supplying nourishment to cells, the World’s First Stem cell Nutrition Company, has developed a product which supports the natural RELEASE of Adult Stem Cells that are "stuck" in the bone marrow.

These Stem Cells are the “master” cells that maintain tissue by transforming themselves into healthy new cells.

Rather than distribute these stem cell nutrition products through the traditional retail channels, these capsules , are only marketed through a Direct Selling “Network Marketing” model which allows individuals the opportunity to build a successful income-earning business through building an organization of retail consumers and product distributors.

The World's First adult stem cell nutrition company has created a globally-expanding model which is rapidly building offices, warehouses, and distribution centers World-wide.

Company officials are pleased to announce that they are opening more new stem cell nutrition markets globally and bring the Stem Cell Nutrition products and direct selling home business opportunity to international nutrition and wellness marketers.

This is a “work from home” business opportunity that will be sweeping throughout the health and wellness sector.

Already people in the USA , Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico,  Malaysia, Africa, Philippines , and many other countries, are taking advantage of this huge Stem Cell Wellness opportunity.

 People are excited to join the Stemtech STEM CELL NUTRITION global family and become  independent business partners of the World’s first Stem Cell Releaser capsules.

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I am involved in an Anti-Aging and Optimal Health business.. One of my featured, Patented, Exclusive product line are All natural STEM CELL Enhancer capsules and stem cell nutrition.

.. And .. the anti-aging, stem cell wellness business is booming like CRAZY! .. already there are tens of thousands of global “Stem Cell Nutrition “ Independent Business Partners ..and Growing!

Think about it .. most people Do NOT look forward to Getting OLD.. having pains and health challenges.

Who wants to look in the mirror and see Wrinkles and Grey hair? Who wants their heart, lungs, eyes, and brain to get OLD.. and who wants their Body NOT to be working at peak performance?

You buy a new battery when your car is slow to start. You put some wax and polish on your cars dull finish to protect it.

You get your car Tuned up to run smoothly. WHAT are you doing for YOUR BODY to make it run smoothly?? Do You want an Anti-aging .."Fountain of YOUTH" wellness machine?

Is the answer always Surgery.. Drugs .. Side-effects.. high Hospital costs ?

Why not maximize the REPAIR and RENEWING Wonders of your Own Adult Stem cells to stay Young and achieve Optimal Health.

My own personal feelings is what if you start taking Stem Cell enhancer capsules daily in your Teens .. exercise daily, and eat a vegan diet … you just might NOT ever GROW OLD and WEAK … start taking STEM CELL Enhancers at ANY Age .. and slow down the aging process ,and grow Older Very Gracefully.

And Naturally , it most certainly makes sense to investigate ALL your STEM CELL options if you have ANY Health Challenges what-so-ever and you are concerned about anti-aging and keep your young.

These Newly released Stem Cells will circulate in your bloodstream to Repair and Renew your body and may even help you look ..and feel younger and slow down aging!

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