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Please enjoy your "Stem Cell Tour" of your body’s Renewal System.

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Your Adult Stem Cells Constitute  Your Body's Renewal System ..
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To Research your Stem Cell will Help to know some STEM CELL Terms and Definitions.

Adult Stem Cells

Stem cells found in different tissues of the developed, adult organism that remain in an undifferentiated, or unspecialized, state. These stem cells can give rise to specialized cell types of the tissue from which they came, i.e., a heart stem cell can give rise to a functional heart muscle cell, types of the body.

Allogeneic transplantation Cell

Tissue or organ transplants from one member of a species to a genetically different member of the same species.

Autologous transplantation Cell

Tissue or organ transplants from one individual back to the same individual. Such transplants do not induce an immune response and are not rejected.


A very early embryo consisting of approximately 150 cells. The blastocyst is a spherical cell mass produced by cleavage of the zygote (fertilized egg). It contains a fluid-filled cavity, a cluster of cells called the inner cell mass (from which embryonic stem cells are derived) and an outer layer of cells called the trophoblast (that forms the placenta).

Bone marrow stromal cell ( ** Vital cell information for your stem cell options )

Also known as mesenchymal stem cells, bone marrow stromal cells are a mixed population of cells derived from the non-blood forming fraction of bone marrow. Bone marrow stromal cells are capable of growth and differentiation into a number of different cell types including bone, cartilage and fat.


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