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When conducting your research on Young Tissue Extract .. aka ..YTE health discovery, you will discover the remarkable history of the Avian Egg Extract Formula...and the Natural Wellness products created with the foundation formula.

Yes, the phenomenal YTE health discovery made back in 1929 by Dr. John R. Davidson enhanced many lives from unhealthy to healthy, by getting the body.. and the mind, back to normal state!

The ALL NATURAL YTE Health Discovery created with the Avian Egg Extract helps to regulate the adrenal hormones to enhance tissue function, including muscle, skin,GI,vascular,nerve, and immune system functions.

This amazing avian egg extract formula also reduces physical and mental stress, burns fat, promotes more restful sleep and increases libido. Studies have shown this Young Tissue Extract (aka.. YTE) helps people who face both physical and mental challenges... plus it has a positive effect out on physical activities .. including a quicker recovery after a hard work out.

This avian egg extract ( aka.. Young Tissue Extract) has testimonies of promoting muscle tone and strength, effectively improving energy levels and increasing stamina.

It wasn’t until almost 50 years later that the pursuit of fertilized hen egg extract was revived by Norway’s foremost expert on egg research, Dr. Bjodne Eskeland.

Dr. Eskeland also hypothesized that partially incubated, fertilized hen eggs contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides, and protein fractions that could help provide an incredible array of health benefits when consumed by humans. In theory, these partially incubated, fertilized eggs – specifically 9-day-old fertilized eggs, contain all the nutrients required to start a new life. This includes vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as important defense factors, growth factors, hormones and other biologically active components.

While not much was known about the fibroblast growth factor at the time, the high level of oligopeptides (small peptides) gave credence to research we had done on the necessity of rapid transport across the digestive membrane in order to derive effective benefits from amino acids.

The avian egg extract formula was being studied by companies to find out why this key ingredient that had so many "perfect health" benefits. A team of Norwegian scientists that was working with this avian egg extract formula was contacted. Now, exclusive rights for manufacturing and World-wide distribution, of this life-changing avian egg extract formula, with fibroblast growth factor have been granted to a USA company.

A patented process extracts the critical nutritional fluid from the white of an egg at the protoembryonic stage, so we called it ProtoEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE). The extract not only provided a mechanism of rapid transport of very critical nutrients, but also contained Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor, which is most probably responsible for the amino acids and peptides to be utilized in the right manner, by “directing” their correct use by the body.

The growth factor is also responsible for nurturing the body’s own stem cells both differentiated, and undifferentiated. Common amino acid formulations do not contain this growth factor, and may not be utilized by the brain in the most efficient manner.

A team of scientists lead by Dr. Alex Martin, a leading doctor in the study of nutritional supplements, at the LifePharm institute of technology went to work to develop the perfect supplement.

Using PESE as a base ingredient, we looked at the symptoms caused most by our diets and environment and then looked to “super charge” the PESE for modern day use. Skin and hair health, moods (depression), memory loss, fatigue and cardiovascular health are most affected by today’s lifestyle.

Having a perfectly balanced, natural, transport mechanism, with a strong “director” with PESE we knew that we were assured that the added amino acids will not only find their way to the right areas of the body, but will be guided properly to perform their function efficiently. We then added the amino acids most critical for the health of your skin, hair, memory function, cardiovascular health and restoration of energy, from natural plant protein and marine protein.

These ingredients from land, sea, and sky combine to form the powerful symbiotic relationship of the base ingredient in the avian egg extract formula called OPT9.

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Avian Egg Extract with Fibroblast Growth Factor ,Does NOT Cure ANYTHING !

But, what this avian egg extract formula * DOES DO *, is simply Life-changing ! It gives your body the nutrition resources it needs to Renew ...Re-Balance and Repair itself!

The main ingredients of this avian egg young tissue extract formula is extracted from fertile chicken eggs on the 9th day of life; all the potential life force is active but the cells (essentially stem cells) have not begun to differentiate.

It is a Proven fact that egg white protein is a perfect food for human cells. So, as avian egg extract provides the optimal nutrition for your body, it gives your stem cells nutrition to rebuild and rejuvenate themselves.

This avian egg, young tissue extract formula acts like an adaptogen, giving your body the resources to balance depletion's and weaknesses.

In clinical tests of *** Young Tissue Extract *** , and the foundation of the avian egg formula, has been shown to improve depression,increase serotonin, decrease cortisol, bolster endurance, and balance the sex hormones.

This avian egg, young tissue extract proprietary formula also contains Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) which was recently shown to burst fat cells when combined with exercise; and a large body of research shows that it helps rebuild brain cells and improves how neurons talk to each other. FGF also acts as a director for the full array of amino acids found in the avian egg, young tissue extract formula which are the building blocks of every function of your body.

To be perfectly clear, this avian egg, young tissue extract is a SUPER food, and does NOT cure ANYTHING !

But, what this avian egg, young tissue extract *DOES DO *, is pretty Life-changing! This young tissue extract ( YTE ) formula gives your body the nutrition resources it needs to renew and repair itself!

Unlike most natural nutrition products that take 2-3 weeks to produce a noticeable difference, most people find this avian egg extract, with fibroblast growth factor, gives them tangible changes within 48 hours improved mood, motivation, better digestion and elimination, renewed eyesight, etc.

Depending on what your body has been lacking,this amazing avian egg, young tissue extract formula,with fibroblast growth factor, feeds your cells so they can rebuild and re-balance your body and slow down the aging process.

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Combining some young tissue extract health options including Avian Egg Extract Formula,Fibroblast Growth Factor and Creatine creates EXPLOSIVE SPORTS NUTRITION

Fertilized Avian Egg Extract,Marine Protein,and Phyto Protein is a powerful combination for athletes and active people.

Researching young tissue extract and avian egg proprietary formulations, combined with creatine, reinforce each other. The net result of using this combination is improved performance, decreased fatigue, and a reduced risk of energy depletion in the muscles.

In 1996, a double-blind trial on the use of ProtoEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE) conducted at the University of Colorado showed that the group using it experienced a strength increase that was nearly double that of the group using creatine.

*** PESE and creatine together were found to outperform creatine and other food supplements in the areas of endurance, training, motivation, and subjective health and well-being, and it has the enthusiastic endorsement of many top athletes. They report recovering faster after training.

This is linked to a substantial reduction in lactic acid production, which also contributes to increased stamina.

But what does creatine have to do with the avian egg young tissue extract formula? It appears that creatine and the egg protein fractions that are found in the young tissue extract formula reinforce each other, resulting in a prominent increase in effectiveness.

This means that bodybuilders and athletes experience greatly enhanced benefits when adding this potent avian egg young tissue extract to their regimen. No wonder the young tissue extract has the enthusiastic endorsement of so many professional athletes and bodybuilders.

Whether it is a physical or mental challenge you face or just the need to handle everyday demands, the optimal health benefits of the egg extract formula may help.

Benefits that have been reported by athletes consuming Young Tissue Extract health options.. include:

1. A delay in lactic acid production 2. The ability to tolerate longer training sessions. 3. Improved Stamina 4. Maximum Muscular Strength 5. Faster Recovery after training sessions 6. Quicker recovery from physical exertion 7. Better muscle tone 8. Increased muscle strength

Egg Extract Formula and MEMORY ENHANCEMENT

The most pronounced effect of artificial sweeteners and MSG in the body is to interfere with this synergistic performance. Therefore, it was decided to address this issue when the formula for the avian egg young tissue extract was created.

Memory function is controlled by a well-balanced joint effect of Glutamate and Glycine. Both these amino acids act together to play a critical role in the ability of two neurons to connect, an important cellular mechanism for learning and memory to take place. PESE (ProtoEmbryonic Stage Extract) is low in these amino acids.

Therefore,the Avian Egg Young Tissue Extract in capsule form, enhances these levels in the formula by the addition of an isolated vegetable protein to provide extra glutamic acid and with marine protein extract to provide extra Glycine.

PESE is used to provide additional FGF in the aid of memory. FGF is known to build neurites, the bridges between the neurons and the eceptors/transmitters of signals. Research shows FGF also inhibits and destroys mutant protein genes, in this case, quite possibly blocking the genes responsible for memory loss.

In 1962, it was discovered that that neuro stem cells reside in certain parts of the brain, where there is a malfunction. It is also proven that FGF feeds and nurtures these stem cells to help the healing of these malfunctions and any scarred tissue.

Lately, compelling arguments have been made to inject FGF directly to cure Huntington’s disease, Schizophrenia, OCD and Autism.

The synergistic effect of building the neurites, nurturing the stem cells, having the most relevant amino acids and factors to guide where the amino acids go, makes avian egg extract formula, perform extremely well in memory enhancement.

Another very effective combination in the avian egg young tissue extract formula, is the two ingredients Leucine and Isoleucine. This combination in increased by combining the PESE and the vegetable protein extract. Leucine and Isoleucine provide ingredients for the manufacturing of many essential biochemical components in the body, some of which are utilized to stimulate the upper brain and help you to be more alert and focused.

That's way there have been reports of many positive effects of the avian egg extract formula with people suffering from Alzheimer’s syndrome, ADD, and a general increased memory and mental focus in our busy lives.


Depression is caused by many external factors, including stress. In the brain, the serotonin uptake and release mechanism is affected.

This avian egg extract formula contains the amino acid Lysine; derived from PESE and vegetable proteins. The combination of these two components delivers a higher level of Lysine in the formulation than either ingredient would by itself. Lysine is known to regulate Serotonin levels in the brain.

Some 20 million people worldwide experience depression serious enough to warrant being placed on prescription medication. Many, an estimated 16 to 30 percent, who take such drugs experience sexual dysfunction as a side effect. Some medical experts believe the true number of people experiencing this side effect may be as high as 78 percent due to the fact that the condition often goes unreported by patients.

Clinical studies have shown that the avian egg extract formula may be beneficial in enhancing libido among those taking antidepressants.

Many people taking the extract formulation, report a pronounced improvement in their mood and an increased ability to manage stress on a daily basis. A greater overall engage with others and desire to accomplish things.


The PESE and Vegetable proteins provide a very potent dose of Arginine. Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide and plays a vital role in a variety of biological processes. The inner lining of blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscle to relax, thus resulting in increased blood flow.

Effects include modulation of the hair cycle, and increased libido. Nitric oxide is also known for growth hormone formation, increasing defense of the organs against effects of aging.


PESE contains Cysteine, which is a precursor to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, receiving much attention nowadays for healthier looking skin. Antioxidants fight free radicals, harmful compounds in the body that damage cell membranes and DNA. Free radicals occur naturally in the body, but environmental toxins (including ultraviolet light, radiation, cigarette smoking, and air pollution) can increase the number of these damaging particles.

Free radicals are believed to play a role in aging as well as the development of a number of health problems, including heart disease and cancer.

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) is a powerful anti-oxidant and can help prevent side effects caused by drug reactions and toxic chemicals, and helps break down mucus in the body. It appears to have benefits in treating some respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis and COPD.

This is very crucial for the body’s life functions, as NAC helps the body neutralize toxins, heavy metals, such as mercury from dental amalgam fillings, cadmium and lead from paint and cigarette smoke. The Sulfhydryl balance has also been linked to enhance resistance to viral infections. NAC is one of the most effective oral chelating agents. Taken regularly over a period of time, NAC will remove many toxic heavy metals from the body. NAC has been shown to be a protective agent in many diseases and conditions in which free radicals play a role. This includes cancer, AIDS, cirrhosis, as well as pollution damage from smoking or other chemicals.

The added potent dose of Glycine, from the marine protein, further enhances the anti aging effect of glutathione in the body. Glycine from the marine protein also builds collagen, making the skin look healthier and less wrinkled.

Hair is composed from protein. L-Cysteine is an amino acid that is known to promote hair growth. It improves hair quality and texture, and it is known to double the length of hair. L-Cysteine also prevents hair from falling out, and it has a detoxifying effect in the body.

The PESE and Vegetable proteins also provide a potent dose of Arginine. Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide and these effect the modulation of the hair cycle.


Also added is an additional component to the Avian Egg Extract Formula. The added potent dose of Glycine , from the marine protein, further enhances the anti aging effect of glutathione in the body. Glycine from the marine protein also builds collagen, making the skin look healthier and less wrinkled.

Hair is composed from protein. L-Cysteine is an amino acid that is known to promote hair growth. It improves hair quality and texture, and it is known to DOUBLE the length of hair.

L-Cysteine also prevents hair from falling out, and it has a detoxifying effect in the body. The PESE and Vegetable proteins also provide a very potent dose of Arginine. Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide and these effect the modulation of the hair cycle.


Years ago, pioneering nutritionist Adelle Davis recognized the error in the assumption that eating cholesterol-rich foods causes a buildup of cholesterol in the arteries and leads to heart disease. She taught that a ‘cousin of the fat family’, lecithin, plays a vital role in controlling blood cholesterol levels.

Lecithin, found in the human body (and concentrated in the brain), is a fat emulsifier that breaks down cholesterol, preventing its buildup in the body, Lecithin is also found in eggs. While they may provide cholesterol, they also provide the lecithin needed to break cholesterol down.

The Egg Extract Formula helps reduce FATIGUE & Create More ENERGY

The Avian Egg Extract formula combines the two ingredients Leucine and Isoleucine (known as branched chain amino acids) from the PESE with an added dose from the vegetable protein extract.

Leucine and Isoleucine provide ingredients for the manufacturing of other essential biochemical components in the body, some of which are utilized for the production of energy, stimulants to the upper brain and helping you to be more alert.

Many people today are seriously energy deficient, experiencing fatigue to some degree, Fatigue is a symptom that accompanies most illnesses, both acute and chronic: it is often an early warning sign that serious health problems are in the process of developing.

Persistent, extreme fatigue may be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that chronic fatigue syndrome affects between 100,000 and 250,000 people in the United States, but many researchers believe that the disorder is much more prevalent than that. What is certain is that there are many tired people everywhere struggling to get through each day.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you could probably use more energy, who wouldn’t want to feel more energetic, in order to better face the challenges, both physical and mental, in life.

Those whose work demands mental concentration are being sapped of energy just like those who have physically demanding jobs. Whether the task at hand is a tennis match or a chess tournament, increased energy and stamina can lead to a better outcome.

The Avian Egg, Young Tissue Extract formulation Helps STRESS MANAGEMENT & IMPROVES SLEEP

Consumption of the avian egg extract formula promotes a feeling of relaxation effect that may be to some degree attributed to the dramatic decrease in levels of the stress hormone Cortisol produced after ingesting the avian egg extract formula. As indicated,taking 2 capsules of the avian egg, young tissue extract formulation, reduces stress-hormone levels dramatically in the body. When cortisol levels decline, we feel more relaxed. Studies show that virtually everyone who uses the egg extract formula ,with fibroblast growth factor ,experiences a greater sense of relaxation. Plus ,many extra benefits, such as improved sleep.

Elevated levels of stress hormones not only make us feel on edge, but also predispose us to a number of stress-related diseases, which include serious conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, eczema, and autoimmune disorders.

By managing stress-hormone levels, we may be helping to prevent or manage these disorders.

How Does This Avian Egg Young Tissue Extract Formula Work & WHAT'S IN IT?

What does this formula of Avian Egg Young Tissue Extract Contain?

This is a proprietary egg extract formula that contains a natural combination of nutrients, including 22 amino acids, glycopeptides, and oligopeptides that come from fertilized eggs, isolated plant proteins, and marine elements that work together to form a SUPER FOOD for the mind and body.

Let's Re-Cap The Health Benefits of the proprietary Blend of the Avian Egg Young Tissue Extract formula.

This egg based young tissue extract proprietary formula has a variety of potential health benefits, including, strength, stamina, increased libido, and sense of well being. These various effects may all be related to the significant reduction of the stress hormone cortisol (by about 50 percent) after ingestion of 2 avian egg, young tissue extract formula capsules .

What exactly is PESE, and how much is known about its benefits?

PESE is short for Proto Embryonic Stage . It is the name given to the ingredient in the avian egg young tissue extract formula that is derived from the partially incubated (9 days) fertilized hen eggs

PESE contains the most potent and balanced combination of not only amino acids, but also other known (and unknown) factors such as Fibroblast Growth Factor.

It is believed amino acids derived from such fluids combined with the growth factors are able to enhance brain function because they are “precisely” engineered to support the most complex stage of birth of a living creature, the beginning. This beginning is the most critical stage in human and animal development ... just like the take off is the most complex function in flying an airplane, or the foundation in construction is the most essential function in the life of a building.

The health benefits of the hen egg have been known for centuries. Recently, further investigation of the mechanism of the development of an embryo in an egg during incubation revealed the scientific equivalent of the “miracle of life”.

The potency of the nutrients available to the embryo at the latter stage of development stage has always been assumed to be high, but it was only recently that the chemical structure of the original egg solids for these critical stages was obtained.

During this stage oligopeptides with small molecular weights were identified. These short chains of amino acids are able to cross the digestive barrier without breaking down or changing the ratios and proportions. Peptides are far more potent than other neurotransmitters, requiring only small amounts to produce a profound effect.

Additionally, the uptake of the Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) (present in PESE) by the embryo sharply increases and the FGF present have been isolated through a patented process precisely at the right stage of incubation, extracted and freeze dried to bring the “miracle of life” benefits to humans.

Extracting PESE before the peptides and FGF are “used up” to build organs and bones, allows us to provide this building, repairing, maintenance mechanism of perfectly balanced amino acids, peptides and growth factors to humans.

While virtually unknown in the United States until very recently, PESE has been marketed successfully as a nutritional supplement in Scandinavia for many years.

How is FGF helpful to humans?

The precise blend of oligopeptides may be seen as building blocks, without a bridge, or a director. The role of such a director is fulfilled by a growth factor known as the Fibroblast Growth Factor, or FGF.

FGF is prolific in PESE, as well as in the human placenta. A detailed day-by-day study was performed in 1988.

Discovered only in the seventies, and also a peptide, this FGF is critical in the development of embryos, including humans. However, it is not found to be circulating in the human adult bodies.

FGF is responsible for building the linings in the blood vessels, creating the infrastructure for the nutrients to flow to critical areas of the brain and organs.

Research credits FGF with the potential to directly affect many neuro disorders because of clear results of the ability of FGF to affect the growth of neurites. Neurites are signal senders (Axons) and signal receivers (dendrites) attached to the brain neurons.

Research has also shown clearly that new cell cultures show a dramatic increase in peptide and amino acid uptake in the presence of FGF. This result gives credence to the hypothesis that embryonic growth is influenced by a very precise mechanism, which combines unique combinations of amino acids, peptides and FGF.

Since FGF is not circulating in adults, multiple research projects on the effects of FGF serums to cure neuro disorders have been carried out.

Fundamental to the research is the fact discovered by Altman, J. in 1962 that neural STEM CELLS are formed by the body in response to abnormalities, and are resident in certain zones of the brain. The brain is therefore ready to repair the damage, and these cells have shown to differentiate into a wide range of neurons. Neurons derived from such neural stem cells are capable of migrating to various regions of the Central Nervous System.

Use of vegetable proteins

Vegetable protein has an essential amino acid profile, which is very close to that of the ideal protein for human nutrition (FAO/WHO 1985 and 2002). In developing the Avian Egg,Young Tissue Extract Formula, a patented process further isolates these protein’s to eliminate the compounds, which neutralize the benefits of the essential amino acids. The result is an ingredient, which is high in Glutamic acid, (further enhancing the cognitive function of the brain), branched chain amino acids (to counter insomnia), Lysine (to control release of serotonin, controlling moods) and Arginine (promoting Nitric Oxide and growth hormone formation). These specially isolated proteins therefore adds a synergistically potent composition to enhance brain activity.

Use of Marine Proteins

The high levels of Glycine in the specially extracted marine protein used in the egg extract formula, combined with a significant amount of hydroxyproline to stabilize the glycine, makes it a primary candidate for a terrific brain food.

By itself, Glycine is a neurotransmitter, primarily utilized by the brain to control glutamate levels. As a combination within the avian egg extract formula, it becomes a powerful force to enhance memory function in the brain.


Amino acids are critical to life, and have many functions in metabolism. One particularly important function is as the building blocks of proteins, which are linear (straight) chains of amino acids.

The avian egg young tissue extract proprietary formula is a unique blend of ingredients combineed to produce a complete chain of 22 amino acids. The following is a list of those amino acids and their potential benefits. Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins. When proteins are digested, amino acids are left.

The human body requires a number of amino acids to grow and breakdown food and is a very important part of nutrition. A complete balance of amino acids are contained in the avian egg young tissue extract proprietary formula .. and include:

• Cystine • Methionine • Aspartic Acid • Threonine • Serine • Glutamic Acid • Proline • Glycine • Alanine • Valine • Isoleucine • Leucine • Tyrosine • Histidine • Ornitine • Lysine • Arginine, Hydroxyproline • Ammon

Glycine and glutamine are precursors of nucleotides. Nucleotides are molecules that, when joined together, make up the structural units of RNA and DNA.

These building blocks of proteins perform various vital roles in the body and help us to remain healthy in many ways.

• Antioxidants helping with combating free radicals and environmental toxins including ultraviolet light, radiation, cigarette smoking, and air pollution.

• Benefits in treating some respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis and COPD. Angina, Chronic bronchitis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Influenza, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), HIV/AIDS.

• Reducing symptoms of asthma, cystic fibrosis, and emphysema.

• Helping to Improve or Preventing colon cancer.

• Helping to Improve or Preventing cataracts and macular degeneration.

• Helping increase HDL “good” cholesterol.

• Helping increase fertility when taken along with fertility drugs in people with polycystic ovary disease.

• Helping improve outcome in children with advanced cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy, a type of leukemia.

• Helping treat cocaine addiction, schizophrenia, and gambling addictions.

• Reducing lung cancer risk among smokers.

• Decrease Cell oxidation.

• Enhances neurotransmitters in the brain.

• Assist in the formation of tooth enamel.

• Blood coagulation regulation.

• Immune response.

• Increased memory function, cognition, and voluntary movement and learning ability.

• Aid in the elimination of toxic ammonia in the form of nitrogen from the body.

• Improve hair and skin.

• Fight insomnia.

• Increase energy and endurance.

• Regulation of blood pressure under stress.

• Controls release of serotonin and mood improvement.

• Increased vasodilatation which increases blood flow.

• Humans with atherosclerosis, diabetes or hypertension often show impaired Nitric Oxide pathways.


Small amino acid chain peptides (such as those contained in the egg extract formula), commonly known as oligopeptides, are very easily transported through the intestinal, membrane. They are sometimes used as transport mechanisms for drugs.

Peptides are short polymers formed from the linking, in a defined order, of α-amino acids. Proteins are multi peptide chains.

Proteins must be broken down to smaller and smaller peptides, and eventually an amino acid, to perform its functions. Dietary intake of peptides and amino acids, which can reach their destination, therefore, can be extremely beneficial.

Peptides are the most abundant compounds in the hypothalamus of the brain, and perform vital functions of communicating sensory impulses to the endocrine system (hormone producing glands).

Understanding the mechanisms of the effect of peptides, and the types of peptides, is a complex field and is being studied extensively. Unfortunately, these studies are done in isolation and disregard the whole picture of the many complex mechanisms which exist in our body. Further, these studies are usually focused on a particular amino acid, peptide or other neurotransmitters.

While the results identify the final activity with the amino acid/peptide, the mechanism of transport of such critical amino acid/peptides to the final destination is a subject of major arguments. These arguments cast a shadow on the importance of nutritional supplements. Most doctors will tell you that nutritional supplements “cannot hurt”, but stop short of endorsing them.

The reason is the lack of evidence that the active ingredients have been formulated in the correct form that can be used by the body.


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