These Stem Cell Markets Are Seeing Massive Stem Cell Nutrition Growth

The global stem cell markets are forecast to have staggering growth thru the next decade.

In terms of drug discovery applications using stem cells, North America and Europe account for more than 65% of the stem cell markets value. However, the largest growth rate 2015-2019 was seen from Asia-Pacific, a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 27.5%. China, India, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Germany and the USA are at the forefront in driving the sector growth with an annual growth rate of more than 30% during the period.

Brazil and Argentina are the Latin American majors in drug discovery applications using stem cells. Stem cells use in replacing damaged cells is expected to witness highest investments in the upcoming years as the CAGR forecasts for the sector is high. Estimates for cell therapy and regenerative medicine market indicate a CAGR of nearly 27% CAGR.

The higher growth rate indicates improved industry investments in the Asia-Pacific region in comparison with North America and Europe, going ahead of other stem cell markets..

Improving health consciousness in Europe will likely maintain the stem cell technology and science expansion of the European Union competent with Asia-Pacific/North America.

India possesses the potential to occupy the leading position in stem cell technology growth with a CAGR exceeding 28 percent through 2016. Spain, Sweden and Germany are anticipated to top among the European countries with an annual compounded growth rate of more than 27 percent respectively .

Latin American countries will not likely experience a massive growth rate in comparison with North American/Asian economies. Overall, emerging economies could tag higher growth rate in stem cell marketing in the next few years.

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With a population of approximately 1.3 billion people, India ranks as the second most populous nation on earth, and the world’s most populous democracy. Second only to China, whose population is estimated at 1.5 billion people, India actually offers a larger and freer commercial stem cell market than can be found in China, which is still formally Communist and is therefore still highly restricted in the nature and extent of its commerce.

It is hardly surprising, therefore, that entrepreneurs of all types eventually cast a serious eye toward India. Especially with the outdated federal regulatory laws that still govern medical research in other countries, such as the U.S., it is only logical and to be expected that adult stem cell companies would discover in India a welcoming atmosphere in which they are able to thrive.

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Special provisions such as 10-year tax benefits, duty exemptions, fast tracking the approval process by giving it a status of orphan drug (as done in the USA) are some measures which could be very helpful to become leaders in this sector, the report 'Stem Cells--an emerging Bio-sector' suggested.

"The legislation for this sector still is at the draft stage. A regulatory framework governing the sector, instead of the guidelines existing at present is essential for the proper growth of stem cell research and applications in India.

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