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Stem Cell Science Reviews, along with adult stem cell nutrition Testimonials are being generated with increasing frequency. American citizens and others from around the globe are experiencing new found freedom from disease, affliction, and infirmity. Individuals' lives are forever changed with the strengthened faith and renewed hope that arise from healed bodies and physical restoration.

These seemingly miraculous repairs being proclaimed by scientists involved with Adult Stem Cell Science, are backed by published proof and documented peer reviewed studies.

The popular news media tend to ignore and obscure the medical breakthroughs made by adult stem cell research--success that has conspicuously eluded embryonic stem cell treatments.

Adult stem cells (or, more accurately, tissue stem cells) are regenerative cells of the human body that possess the characteristic of plasticity--the ability to specialize and develop into other tissues of the body. Beginning in an un-specialized and undeveloped state, they can be coaxed to become heart tissue, neural matter, skin cells, and a host of other tissues.

Stem cell science has documented that adult stem cells are found in our own organs and tissues such as fat, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, placentas, neuronal sources, and olfactory tissue, which resides in the upper nasal cavity.

This simple fact has remarkable implications for medicine--diseased or damaged tissue can become healthy and robust through the infusion of such cells. This has consequently commanded the attention of many researchers as well as those suffering from disease.

It is necessary to note that the power of adult stem cells is not nebulously potential, but tangible and real, as it has produced wonderful results with many adult stem cell science studies and testimonials in multiple cases.

These have been documented in clinical trials, that is, treatments with human patients. With adult stem cells, physicians have successfully treated autoimmune diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore, adult stem cell science advances have helped to avert corneal degeneration and to restore vision in cases of blindness. They have also restored proper cardiac function to heart attack sufferers and improved movement in spinal cord injury patients.

It is also important to note that adult stem cell science has produced successes and the Worlds first adult stem cell enhancer capsules. Adult stem cell science and adult stem cell research are conducted without any controversy. Embryonic stem cell research, which requires the destruction of early human life to acquire the cells, has not produced any successes in human patients. The breakthroughs demonstrated by adult stem cells are detailed below.

Spinal Cord Injuries

"Spinal cord injuries are one of the most severe forms of debilitation known to humanity. Many times they result in different forms of paralysis, including paraplegia and quadriplegia; other times they involve the immediate or imminent death of the patient. Laura Dominguez is an example of the former. Living in San Antonio, Texas, she was a sixteen-year-old girl attending summer school in 2001. On her way back from class, she and her brother encountered an oil spill on the highway that caused their car to careen out of control. The accident left her paralyzed from the neck down with a C6 vertebrae burst fracture. She subsequently entered various hospitals to be emphatically informed that she would never walk again." She is another candidate for adult stem cell science technologies and Adult Stem Cell Nutrition.

Heart Tissue Regeneration

"Recent years have seen the emergence of successful adult stem cell science treatments and consuming adult stem cell nutrition for those who have suffered from heart attacks and heart failure.

Dr. Andreas M. Zeiher, the chairman of the department of internal medicine at the University of Frankfurt, and Dr. Stefanie Dimmeler, head of the division of molecular cardiology at the same institution, conducted a study of 28 heart attack patients in 2003."

Corneal Reconstruction

"Another area in which adult stem cell science and therapy are demonstrating rapid advancement is the field of ophthalmology. A surgical procedure known as limbal stem cell transplantation offers hope to those suffering from corneal degeneration, blindness, and other ocular diseases.

The procedure involves the extraction of stem cells from the limbus, the region of the eye between the epithelial layer of the cornea and the sclera, the eye's outer layer. The cells are typically extracted from a healthy eye of the patient himself, from a family member, or from cadaveric material. Once extracted, the limbal stem cells are implanted into the patient's defective eye. Stem cell science reveals that the stem cells then differentiate into corneal epithelial cells which improve the health of the outermost layer of the eye."

Autoimmune Disease Treatment: Diabetes, Lupus, Crohn's, Multiple Sclerosis

"Adult stem cell science and treatments has also shown significant results, with life-changing testimonials, in the treatment of various autoimmune disorders. Researchers reported that, of 250 diabetics, 200 were able to discard their insulin needles for over a year after islet cell transplantation from cadavers. A research team at Harvard has shown complete reversal of juvenile diabetes in mice using adult spleen cells, and is now preparing for the first patients trials using these adult cells."

Parkinson's Disease

"Parkinson's disease is a disorder of the central nervous system in which the substantia nigra, a part of the brain, ceases to produce dopamine, a chemical that allows for effective motion. Dennis Turner is a man who suffered from the disorder for fourteen years. His condition was characterized by strong shaking on the right side of his body, making arm coordination virtually impossible. He underwent years of medication and watched his condition gradually deteriorate. After consultation with a neurologist, he discovered the option of adult stem cell therapy and decided to have the procedure done. His own stem cells were extracted from his brain and subsequently transplanted into the left side of his brain in a 1999 procedure."

Anemias, Cancers, and Immune Deficiencies, and Other Diseases

"Adult stem cell transplants are also widely used to treat such diseases as anemias, leukemias, lymphomas, and other cancers. Additional treatable diseases are Fanconi anemia, pure red cell aplasia, juvenile chronic myelogenous leukemia, juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia, immune deficiencies, and some genetic diseases."

Please investigate Stem Cell Science and achieving Optimal Health with adult stem cell nutrition supplements!

The above testimonials are a strong testament to the amazing power of adult stem cells, brought public, by adult stem cell science. These "miracle cells" have provided real treatments for real people.

While stem cell science, has brought "Center Stage" the potency and success of adult stem cell treatments are becoming evident, treatments using embryonic stem cells have not produced any clinical successes. Rather, embryonic stem cell treatments tend to create tumors in numerous animal studies. The public should ponder these issues and ask why the media do not cover such results.

In a world with limited funds for research, why are we arguing about unproven and often dangerous embryonic stem cell treatments when treatments using adult stem cells are today producing testimonials of real results for real patients?

Testimonials How Proper STEM CELL Nutrition and Stem-Cells-Releaser Capsules Rebuild and Renew Bodies!

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Stem Cells Releaser Testimonies Found on the NET

I am 54 years old and I love to work out with my speed bag and heavy bag. I want to give my Adult Stem Cell Nutrition testimony. I do weight training and love to run. A year ago I aggravated my lower back doing some work for a friend of mine from my church.

I have four vertebrae with compression fractures and during the last year I had severe discomfort in my back and I had torn some ligaments and muscles in my right calve.

I started taking Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules about 1 1/2 months ago. Today my back is free of discomfort and my calve has improved 80 %. I have never taken a product with such drastic results. I am a believer in stem cell science and will be using Stem cell Nutrition capsules for the rest of my life.

Kirk L.


*** [[ side note ]] Aloe macroclada has been used for centuries with a very good track record of safety and health benefits. Aloe macroclada has been used as a natural anti-inflammatory product, to support the immune system, and to improve mental clarity and mental energy. Over the past few years scientific teams have isolated and identified the various components in Aloe macroclada responsible for the various health benefits to the people of Madagascar.

Witness for yourself .. the Stem Cells Releaser that helped Kirk

Running With a Bum Knee

A Stem-Cells-Releaser testimony from Kenny Gaddy • I have a bum knee. Over the years it has taken a lot of punishment from playing different sports. My knee would buckle walking upstairs, feeling like the cartilage between the bones was missing. I used to run a lot, but I hadn't been able to lately because of the pain.

After three days of taking Stem Cell Nutrition capsules, I walked upstairs without my knee buckling or feeling any discomfort. I was pleasantly surprised at the strength in my knee, so to test it, I ran up the stairs. I was so excited! When I get up in the morning now, I hit the floor running. I can't give the Glory to Nothing but millions MORE God-given Stem Cells circulating in my Blood. These new healing stem cells were mobilized into my bloodstream by the ingredients in my Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules. World's First Stem-Cells-Releaser Capsules are Right HERE !

Symptoms Gone

George Guyatt • My symptoms included loss of memory, difficulty walking, and tremors. Three doctors in town, plus one at the VA, agreed I had a serious disorder. Recently, after starting on AFA Stem Cell Nutrition supplements, I noticed a big difference .. and I wanted to give my Stem Cell Science testimony.

Right away, my memory got better, and my walking improved 100 percent. I found it was much easier to get in and out of cars. I went to the neurologist for my regular check up, and she put me through all kinds of tests, but they all came back clear. I showed no signs of any brain disorder.

When she rotated my joints, she said she could barely detect a problem and couldn't believe what she was seeing.

She asked what I was doing differently, and I told her about the Adult Stem Cell nutrition and stem cell science. She said she would like to know more about it and told me that I would not have to come back anymore unless I wanted to. "I'll Never be Without my STEM CELL RELEASER Nutrition"

Let's review some adult stem cell science and learn exactly what are Adult Stem Cell Enhancer capsules.. and How Do they Work?

Stem Cell Enhancer capsules,are a water soluble, a five times concentrate of AFA, a fresh-water blue-green algae that grows is Klamath Lake, Oregon, and a few other places around the world.

Stem Cell Science has produced a patented stem cell nutrition formula contains a specific ligand that attaches to a receptor on stem cells in the bone marrow, and thereby releases stem cells from their attachment in the bone marrow.

Stem cell science studies and research work, have discovered that Stem Cell Enhancer capsules, also contains a molecule known as Migratose that helps stem cells enter areas of tissue injury and cell damage. Beyond this, the AFA in Stem-Cell-Enhancer capsules contains chlorophyll, which helps in detoxification.

Stem Cell Science documents that stem cell nutrition capsules also contain PEA, a brain chemical known as “the molecule of joy,” which improves mood and relaxation in many people.Stem Cell Releaser capsules also contain phycocyanin, the blue-green pigment which is both anti-inflammatory and has anti-tumor properties.

Scientific studies on Stem Cell Releaser capsules have demonstrated that it 1) causes a transient, mild enhancement of stem cell release, 2) releases natural killer cells from the bone marrow, which cells help the body eliminate toxic invaders (bacteria and viruses) and cancer cells, and 3) decreases malignant cell growth. Further stem cell science studies are in progress and will be published in the coming months.

The very basic stem cell science of it all, is, when a person takes two Stem Cell Nutrition capsules, from the stomach they go right into the blood stream and then to the bone marrow.

In the bone marrow they activate the natural release of over 5 Million, of your own new stem cells into your blood stream.

When the stem cells are released into the blood stream they are like heat-seeking missiles. They go right to the part of your body that is damaged the most. They then attach themselves to the damaged area, they become new cells of that area, they multiply, and they fix the problem the natural way.

Stem cell science has documented that after the millions of your own stem cells circulate in your blood stream for two to three hours regenerating and renewing a sick,aging or injured body. The stem cells that are not used up go right back to the bone marrow.

So nothing is lost.

The bone marrow then reproduces the number of stem cells that were used up on the previous journey, so you always have a full tank of stem cells for the next time you take two capsules. These are exciting and documented research facts. Now we’ll look at some adult stem cell science testimonies from real people.

Adult Stem Cell Nutrition Testimonies

A Bad Fall .. Stem Cell Enhancer and Circulation enhancer Capsules

Last summer I was walking with some friends of mine through their back yard late at night. It was pitch black. What they didn’t tell me was that their son was putting in a fence around the perimeter of their property, and he had dug a deep hole for the 6 x 6 post. Well, he ran out of daylight, didn’t have time to put in the post, and he didn’t cover the hole. Guess what? I found the hole.

I hit the side of my left leg right under the hip joint on my way down. The discomfort was excruciating. I thought I had broken my leg. They hauled me out of the hole and I started walking around, and I knew that because I could walk I hadn’t broken my leg.

Right away my leg swelled up where I had hit the hole. I had been taking four Stem Cell Enhancer capsules a day for over a year on kind of a maintenance program.

Now, to relieve the immense discomfort I took eight Stem Cell Release capsules three times a day for three days. Every time I took the eight pills the discomfort would go down measurably. At the end of the three days the discomfort was all gone.

But the big puffy bruise about the size of my hand on my leg was still there. It didn’t hurt but it was still there. Another amazing thing about that giant bruise – that whole time I was taking the massive amounts of Stem Cell Enhancers, that bruise never became in the least discolored.

When I was younger I was a high school and college track athlete and basketball player, and every bruise I ever received would get black and blue. This one never discolored at all. The stem cells had to be taking the bad blood away before it could collect there.

After that bad fall I went back to taking four pills a day. The big lump on my leg was still there. It didn’t hurt, but it was still there. About two months later the company came out with stem cell circulation nutrition which is an all natural product made out of six very powerful antioxidants. I was so happy with what stem cell nutrition supplements have done for me that I decided to try it to help the circulation of my stem cells.

It has been recommended taking Stem Cell Circulation capsules along with ,Stem Cell Enhancer capsules, in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water or other liquid that is good for you.

Stem cell Circulation Enhancer capsules actually speeds the transmission of the stem cells in your blood stream and clears out veins and arteries and actually opens capillaries that were closed. It is especially good for people with poor circulation.

Well, I didn’t have poor circulation, but being 65 years old I am always interested in all natural products that will keep me in good health.

So, I bought a bottle of circulation enhancer capsules and started taking them. All of a sudden that big puffy lump on the side of my left leg started to go down. Within a week to a week and a half it was all gone and has never come back.

Another thing I noticed after taking adult stem cell circulation nutrition.. I had a patch of red inflamed skin about the size of a small baseball right above the ankle bone of my right leg. It didn’t really hurt, but it was itchy and red, and I didn’t want to itch it because I thought it might bleed. I had had this red spot there for several years.

In about two weeks after taking adult stem cell nutrition for enhanced circulation, that red spot was gone, and now it is just regular skin. I also used to get light headed when I would stand up quickly after stooping down to the floor or getting up too fast. The light head feeling is all gone now since I have been taking stem cell circulation formula. K.G.

Muscle aches, Elevated Blood Sugar, and Bad Vision

A 46 years old, self-made businessman had severe muscle discomfort for 26 years. The doctor told him that it was just a matter of time before he was in a wheel chair because there was no medical cure for this condition. He also had a severe case of elevated blood sugar, and because of complications related to this he was losing his vision very fast.

It took him literally two to three hours every morning just to get out of bed so he could get ready to go to work. This man heard me on the radio talking about gold and silver, but when I told him about Stem Cell Enhancer capsules he became very excited. He bought a number of bottles and started taking six or eight capsules a day.

After six weeks his muscle aches were all gone, after two months his elevated blood sugar normalized, and also in this period his vision improved back to 20/20. In fact, he gave a speech to a group of people after that about what these Stem Cell Enhancers had done for him, and his eye doctor went with him with his eye medical records and gave a testimony of what had happened to his vision as a result of taking AFA Stem Cell Mobilizers.

A couple months after he started taking Stem-Cell-Enhancer capsules, this man’s mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung masses and was expected to live for only a month or two. After starting taking Stem-Cell-Enhancers, two capsules 3x daily, she improved to the point that the hospice workers questioned her diagnosis. She survived for nine months in a much improved state and died of unrelated causes. R. N.

Muscle Aches

A married lady from Colorado in her mid-50s had a bad case of muscle aching. She was in so much discomfort that she could not even physically get out of bed in the morning. Her husband had to pull her out of bed. She would just stand there on the side of the bed and shake almost uncontrollably for about 15 minutes. The shaking would eventually subside and she could slowly start walking around and get ready to go to work. She bought Stem-Cell-Enhancer capsules and started taking it every day. After only a month her muscle discomfort was completely gone, and now she lives a brand new life without that tormenting affliction. J. H.

Healthy Heart & “Sunshine”

I have a couple gold and silver clients in Alaska. They are both in their mid – 50s. The wife has had heart problems and has been experiencing great difficulty walking for any distance even on the level. She would get out of breath and feel very weak. Her husband was a commercial plumber and was relatively healthy. But being a plumber and being outside in the elements he was very concerned about his health, particularly about his immune system.

When I told the wife about Stem Cell Enhancer capsules releasing millions more adult stem cells..and that those stem cells could strengthen her heart she became very excited and bought several bottles. She took about six or eight Stem-Cell-Enhancer capsules a day in order to hasten the repair of her heart. In just a few short weeks she was walking long distances without even breathing hard.

She then decided to try to climb a small mountain that was near to where they lived. Twenty years ago she was able to climb it but not recently. With her knew found strength she decided to try. She climbed to the top of that mountain and was not even breathing hard by the time she got there.

When she bought several bottles of Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules, her husband ridiculed her, and called it “quack medicine.” As she started feeling the results of the product she wanted him to take it also, so she made up a story that it was primarily for the immune system, not knowing that stem cell nutrition does very much boost the immune system. Her husband decided to take it on that basis.

When I called back and talked to her after about two months she told me a shocking but funny story. She said that her husband had been transformed into a new person. I didn’t know this before, but she told me that her husband was the most pessimistic, negative, critical, nasty person you could ever meet.

She said that she couldn’t wait until he had a job away from home so she wouldn’t have to be around him and his nastiness. She also told me that after he started taking the Stem-Cell-Nutrition capsules his whole personality changed.

Now he is never negative or pessimistic or nasty. He is the most cheerful, optimistic, positive person you could ever want or hope to meet. She is absolutely astounded at the dramatic change. He went from nasty surly to complete “Sunshine” in about two months.

What she didn’t know about Stem-Cell-Releaser nutrition, is that it also contains a natural chemical, phenylethylamine or PEA, called the “Oil of Joy,” and it makes people calm, serene, relaxed, and happy. Smile.. and pass the Stem Cell Nutrition T. M.

Eyes, Shingles, Respiratory problems, Bad Knees

One of my clients is a legal secretary. She started out taking just two Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules a day, one in the morning and one at night. Over the years her eyesight has become bad and she had to start wearing bifocals for close up work, like looking at the computer screen.

After just a few days of taking stem cell nutrition she noticed that the computer at work was becoming blurry. She thought that very strange. Maybe her eyes were going bad. To her shock, when she took off her bifocals she could read the computer screen clearly.

Now she doesn’t need to wear glasses any more. Many people with bad vision have almost immediate eye testimonies. Where can you go to buy good natural vision?

Years ago this lady had a bad case of shingles, and there were some places on her face that were still numb from the infection. Within a week all the numbness in those places was gone. Being in an office with attorneys and other office staff, she usually was the first to pick up colds and sniffles or coughs or flu.

She noticed the other day that almost everyone in the office had some kind of cold or malady, but she was feeling just fine and healthy. Lastly, she had bad knees, and they would really hurt when she walked up stairs. After two weeks of taking Stem-Cell-Enhancer capsules, her knees didn’t hurt in the least anymore. B. A.

Shoulder, Eyes, Breathing, Bad Back

A man in his mid 50s had lost most of the range of motion in his shoulders, and had a lot of discomfort there. He started taking Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules and Circulation Enhancers, about eight capsules of each daily. In less than a week he experienced much greater range of motion in his shoulders.

His eyesight was also bad, and in just about a week he was able to drive downtown without his glasses on. He had trouble breathing and went to the doctor to get an MRI. He thought there might be something wrong with his heart, but the tests didn’t show that. He had sinus trouble also and was not able to breathe out of his nose.

After about two weeks his breathing had improved dramatically and he could breathe out of his nose for the first time in years. He was also constantly in severe back discomfort, and no medication could touch it. After just four days of taking the worlds first Adult Stem Cell Nutrition capsules his backache was completely gone. R.W.

Memory, Knee, Energy, Granny

A young man in his late 20s wanted to improve his memory. He found that when he was studying hard concepts that it would take him quite a while to grasp them.

Adult stem cell science amazed him. He started taking Adult Stem Cell Enhancer capsules and Stem cell circulation enhancers .. six capsules a day.

He was amazed at the dramatic difference it made and how he could now grasp complicated concepts and remember them. He also had a bad knee from playing soccer when he was younger.

He had to quit playing because of his knee. After two weeks of taking the adult stem cell nutrition formula his knee was 100% fine – no discomfort at all.

He also experienced a tremendous boost of energy and strength. He gave a bottle of adult stem cell nutrition formula to his 75 year old grandmother just to try. Years ago she was very active, but age has taken its toll.

Recently she just sat around with no energy or drive to do anything. After taking Stem-Cell-Releaser Nutrition for the first time, she got up, went to the gym and walked around the gym for two hours. Y. A.

Detached Retina

A friend of mine in her middle 60s had a detached retina. She went to the doctor and had laser treatment. In a couple weeks it detached itself again and she couldn’t see properly. She investigated adult stem cell science and stem cell nutrition, and took her first two Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules.The formula in the capsules released Millions more adult stem cells into her blood stream. Two hours later her vision improved and has been fine ever since. M. K.

Can’t Sleep

A single lady in her mid 50s has been a very fitful sleeper all her life. She could only sleep an hour and a half at a time, and then she would get up at night and walk around or read a book until she was tired again and then try to go back to sleep. After taking Adult Stem Cell Nutrition supplements for the first time she was able to sleep for six or seven hours uninterrupted. Her whole life has changed for the better because she is able to rest now at night. D. B.

Inflammatory Bowel Disorder

An acquaintance of mine in his early 30s contracted an inflammatory bowel disorder. He couldn’t eat much at all and couldn’t keep anything down. He was losing weight very fast and was wasting away to nothing right before my eyes. He started taking large amounts of Adult Stem Cell Releaser capsules, and in about two months he literally came back from the grave. The colon condition is now completely gone, and he is back to perfect health. M. R.

Car Accident and a Bad Elbow

When my 23 year old son was 15 years old he was involved in a high speed rollover. The car rolled over and hit a telephone pole at over 60 mph.

He was a passenger in the back seat when it happened. On impact he was almost thrown through the right back passenger window. The broken glass from the window shaved off a large amount of flesh under his right elbow, and his right elbow was in pieces. He had several surgeries and skin grafts over the next year.

He has quite a bit of metal and plates in his elbow, and he can’t straighten out his right arm. He is a big strong boy, and he sometimes works construction.

When he lifts something heavy he stains his right elbow and the discomfort is great. He had been taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents for the discomfort. Those pain killers gave him some relief, but not much.

After I had been taking Stem Cell nutrition for a few months and my left shoulder was completely fixed from a torn rotator cuff, I suggested that he take some Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules for the discomfort. He took four capsules, and a half an hour later the discomfort was all gone.

It doesn’t come back until he strains his arm again. Then he takes four pills and the discomfort is gone in a half hour. He doesn’t take the Stem Cell Releaser supplements on a regular basis but keeps a bottle of it for when he needs it. I. G.

Bad Knees and Improved Memory

A friend of mine in his early 60s has had bad knees, bone on bone – no cartilage left. It was hereditary. His father almost couldn’t walk when he was in his 50s because of the problem.

Adult stem cell science to the rescue !

This friend is an engineer and works in a manufacturing plant. His office is on the second floor in the shop. His knees were getting worse and worse as he got older, and he was having great difficulty climbing the stairs to get to his second floor office. He was at the point of asking his manager for an office on the first floor because he couldn’t take the discomfort of climbing those stairs any longer.

He researched adult stem cell science, and found out about the benefits Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules and started taking the product. Within three to four weeks his knees were 100% fine.

Now, just for fun, he takes two steps at a time and tries to see just how fast he can get to his second floor office. He also told me that his memory has improved tremendously since he started taking stem cell nutrition. R. S.

Bad Shoulder and Bad Back

An 86 year old man and his 84 year old wife had some problems. He had fallen about a year ago and injured his right shoulder. Since then he had lost most of the range of motion in his arm and couldn’t raise his right arm above shoulder level. His wife had severe lower back discomfort and was on heavy pain killers.

They didn’t help much at all. They researched adult stem cell science for body renewal .. and both started taking Stem-Cell-Releaser nutrition at the same time.

Within three weeks his shoulder was full restored, and he had full range of motion in his arm. After a week of taking the Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules his wife’s backache was all gone. O. L.

Bad Heart,..and Hair Growth

An 86 year old client of mine had a weak heart and was on heart medication. She doesn’t believe in pharmaceuticals but she had no choice. She investigated adult stem cell science, and started taking the Stem-Cell-Releaser Capsules.. and within two months she was able to get off her medication.

Her hair also stopped falling out, and her friends noticed how healthy she looked. She also has experienced a great increase in overall vitality and strength since she stated taking the product. M. C.

Sciatic Nerve Repair

A friend of my families in her mid 60s had a severe sciatic nerve problem in her left hip. Conventional heavy medication couldn’t really touch it. One hour after taking her first two Adult Stem Cell Nutrition capsules the discomfort was almost half gone.

In another four hours she took two more capsules, and the discomfort was all gone. She keeps taking them now, and the sciatic nerve problem has not come back. S. F.

Bad Shoulders and Back

An acquaintance of mine in his mid 60s was building his first house in the woods in a remote area of Tennessee. He told me that both his shoulders were very sore, and that prevented him from working the long hours it would take to finish the house in time before the winter arrived.

Along with the shoulder problem he had a bad back. Those two problems are not too good when you have to do heavy construction. He started taking capsules of Stem Cell Nutrition. In about three weeks his shoulders were all fixed and his back problem was gone. Talk about happy. I. J.

Bad Shoulders and Splitting Wood

A 58 year old client of mine burns wood to heat his house, and he splits all his own wood. Over the years he had torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders. He refused to go to the doctors for help. Because of his shoulder problem he could only split wood for about an hour.

The discomfort made him quit. He had to wait several hours before he would tackle the maul and wedge again. His shoulders would also swell up and would hurt. He started taking Stem cell nutrition, and within a month he was able to go for four to six hours straight splitting wood without any discomfort.

The only reason he had to stop was to rest his body. His shoulders did not any more hurt. He also told me that he had a lot more lasting strength and endurance after taking the stem cell nutrition formula. M. E.

A Torn Knee

A man in his mid 40s fell down and tore his knee to shreds. They took him to the emergency room, and the doctor took an X-ray of his knee. He had broken a bone in his knee, and all his tendons and ligaments were torn, and his cartilage was completely destroyed.

The doctor told him that all he could do for him was to replace the knee with an artificial knee. The man said no, that he had a better way. The man already knew about stem cell science, and was taking adult stem cell nutrition on a regular basis each day. He went home and started taking two pills every four hours around the clock.

He would even set his alarm clock to get up in the middle of the night to take the pills. The reason for taking Stem Cell Nutrition capsules every four hours is that when you take two capsules, three to four million stem cells released from the bone marrow circulate in your blood stream two to three hours, fixing whatever is wrong. So, if you have a severe problem and you want to fix it quicker, then take the pills more frequently.

As he took two Stem Cell Releaser capsules every four hours around the clock his knee kept getting better and better. After six months of this he walked to his car and drove down to the hospital. The doctor took another X-ray of his knee. The doctor was stunned. The X-ray showed that all his tendons were completely re-grown, his ligaments were completely re-grown, and all his cartilage was completely re-grown. He had a brand new knee. The doctor asked him what he had done, and that in all his years as a doctor he had never seen anything like this. I. M.

Bad Back

Several years ago, in my early 20s, I was in a car accident and injured my back. A few months ago I noticed my back starting to give me problems.

Increasing in intensity with time, I now found myself with severe back discomfort. It got to the point that it was so bad that it totally restricted my life to the point of depression. Even though I am only 27 years old, it was all I could do to get through work each day, let alone do anything else. I was on pain pills and muscle relaxers.

I would also have to take huge amounts of Advil just to get through the day. Visits to the chiropractor did very little to ease the terrible discomfort. I would cry sometimes and pray often. By the time my mom had ordered the Stem Cell Nutrition, I was hopeful at best and doubtful at worst.

After I took the first three Stem Cell Releaser capsules a miracle happened. Within a half hour my terrible back discomfort was completely gone! I couldn’t believe it! After months of terrible discomfort and no hope, it was gone!

Not only was the discomfort gone, but I was now able to do everything, like rake the yard and ride my horse. It is incredible. I even have a lot of energy, something I haven’t had in a long time.

I know all this sounds dramatic, but the fact is, it is dramatic and TRUE. Even my dad, who is the ultimate skeptic and pessimist, stated taking Stem cell Nutrition after he saw what it had done for me. This is a remarkable product. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t take it. With the Stem Cell Enhancer capsules and my faith in our wonderful God, I am most blessed to be whole again. E. S.

Knee and Hip Problems

I am a woman in my 70s, and my body did not react well to medicine for treating low bone density. Perhaps it was fortunate that my joints complained. After using that medicine for three months my right knee hurt so badly that navigating stairs was a challenge, and carrying a grandchild was out of the question. I had to quit taking that drug because things were getting worse not better.

It took months for the affects of the drug to wear off and the discomfort to go away. I went back to the doctor and had a bone density test done. The doctor convinced me to try another osteo drug, but this one affected my hip joint and caused so much discomfort that sitting or rising from a chair was torment. I quit taking that medication also.

I didn’t know what to do at that point. Then I heard about the Adult Stem Cell nutrition and started taking it. In just a few days all the discomfort was gone, and the problems in my knee and hip have never returned. G.M.

List of symptoms for which people have reported improvement after taking Stem-Cell-Releaser capsules.

General nerve damage due to loss of the nerve sheaths

Elevated blood sugar & Vision Problems

Neurological problems & Memory Problems

Eating disorders

Joint and muscle problems

Mood and sleep problems

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Stem Cell Nutrition Testimonials from a Doctors Perspective

Recent stem cell science studies support the fact that stem cells do more than just make blood cells. Indeed these master cells have the information to be transformed into any cell of the body.

**NOTE ** .. The 2013 Best Selling Book by Dr. Allan Somersall,PhD MD, titled "The Amazing power of Stem Cell Nutrition" has several chapters devoted to stem cell science and many noted stem cell science references and documentation.

Stem cell science advances have discovered that these adult stem cells can replace damaged, sick, worn out cells throughout the body. Think of the implications of what this can mean to your own health and the health of your loved ones. The point is that your visit on this stem cell science website could lead you to key wellness information that could help you achieve optimal health.

***** Below is a stem cell science and cellular nutrition testimonial written from a Doctors perspective

Listen to the Doctor discuss adult stem cell science, stem cell nutrition benefits .. and having more Adult stem cells circulating in the blood stream. Most importantly, How these adult stem cells Repair and Renew the body.

Here is Dr. David’s brief story: I am a medical doctor who practiced for 40 years. The last 25 years were devoted to practicing what I call wellness medicine—that emerging paradigm of medicine devoted to finding and then treating the cause(s) of health problems rather than just treating symptoms.

My life changed dramatically after a sudden, unexpected stroke in July of 2004 that affected my left middle cerebral artery. My tongue was partially paralyzed causing my speech to be mostly gibberish and the right side of my body was slightly affected.

There was an appreciable lag time between hearing, understanding and responding. From this personal disaster I have learned many important lessons of life that make me a more compassionate and wiser doctor. I now know what it feels like to face a potentially lifelong crippling disability that conventional medical thought offers little hope. Because of my personal calamity I can now help others with a new depth of understanding.

Some hi-lights of the rest of Dr. David’s story included rehab that wouldn’t be sufficient including hyperbaric oxygen treatments, along with nutrient support.

He mentioned the love, support, understanding and care he received from his precious wife and other family members. The spells of deep depression he eventually experienced after he found it difficult to continue his medical practice, he retired in 2005. He refused to take the antidepressants because of the side effects. He tried several nutrients that were supposed to help, but the truth was that nothing worked.

Fortunately his friend Dr.Rogers, MD called him in late 2006. His words were something like, “David, I have found something that helped me greatly, and it will help you too. has to do with stem cell science and bone marrow stem cell nutrition”. What Bob said got my attention.

I had heard of stem cell science and knew a bit of the controversy. He told me that this had to do with your own adult stem cells. “It is possible to release them from your bone marrow, get them into your circulation, and be benefited”.

Dr David began his research realizing it made total sense. He took a test to document the severity of his depression and poor memory function. The results were pretty depressing. However, within a day of beginning the stem cell nutrition supplementation, Dr. David began to climb out of the pit of despair.

In fact, thanks to all the advances in adult stem cell science, he was beginning to feel like his old self again. He continued taking the computerized tests to register his progress and found that he was much less depressed, his short term memory showed appreciable improvement, and in the last few weeks since beginning taking stem cells enhancers his speech was improved even more.

Dr. David says his mind is clear, his anxiety and depression have disappeared, plus people tell him that he is looking healthier. “I am so grateful to adult stem cell science”. He hopes the stem cell science and adult stem cell nutrition information, that he has offered will be of help to others that may need it, and that positive health benefits can occur when stem cells are increased in the blood stream.

Stem cell nutrition is already helping People and animals in many countries, covering 6 Continents. Stem cell nutrition is available in USA and Canada.  Independent Distributors are also in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand,  Malaysia,  Taiwan  and Mexico...and growing !

The world's first stem cell nutrition, is Patented to release into the blood stream,( from the bone marrow) over 5 Million new Stem cells within 90 minutes after taking one gram ( 2 capsules) .. No medical claims are ever being made.. because stem cell nutrition is a Natural SUPER FOOD .. not a drug.

*** The only thing adult stem cell nutrition and stem cell releasers do for your body is release MILLIONS more of your OWN adult stem cells. It's your STEM CELLS that do ALL the BODY REPAIR Work! Give praise to our Own God created adult stem cells!

That's It. Fact: it is YOUR adult stem cells that do the body renewal ... ...YES.. your own adult stem cells, that were Mobilized (“released”) from your bone marrow, that do the renewing and rebuilding of your body. Stem Cell Science and adult stem cells are indeed the PRESENT.. and the FUTURE of God-giving wellness!

Commit to Taking Bone Marrow Adult Stem Cell Nutrition for at Least 6 Months !

Yes ..Do NOT do your Body and stem cell science an injustice by expecting "Wellness Over night Miracles".

COMMIT TO TAKING Stem Cell Nutrition FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS... and See what happens to your body..and How You FEEL and LOOK ! ( ** SIDE NOTE: " I have been taking stem cell nutrition since 2005, and I will take it everyday.. for the rest of my life.. It just makes "Optimal health sense". )

Ask noted adult stem cell scientists

** WHY is it best for new consumers of Adult Stem Cell Nutrition to commit to taking the stem cell nutrition capsules and tablets for at least three to six months?

Once in awhile we hear about people who have experienced amazing results after only a few days taking stem cell nutrition capsules and tablets, and these stories become a reference point for other people who expect quick results.

Although we are glad that some people at times may experience rapid results, these stem cell science cases are the exception and sharing them oftentimes does not serve everyone’s best interest.

Everyone wants to feel great, younger, in optimal health, with a mind and body that impose no limits. The reality, though, is that the body does experience a very normal and natural decline, and quality of life generally decreases as we age.

Of course, the rate of that decline can be affected by numerous factors such as diet, exercise, attitude, exposure to environmental toxins or lack thereof, rest, etc. But one unavoidable reality that stem cell science has revealed, is that Every Day of our lives, Each and Every Organ of our bodies LOSES CELLS.

With time, over years and even decades .. stem cell science has proven ,it is this process of cellular loss that slowly leads to health problems, less-than-optimal organ function, and an overall decrease in quality of life.

Except for catastrophic events that cause accidental injuries, stem cell science has demonstrated that losing health is rarely a sudden event that takes place overnight. It is the slow process of cellular loss in specific organs and tissues of the body.

The problem occurs when people finally decide that the time has come to do something for their health, assuming that two or three decades of slow health decline can be reversed in a week!

Stem Cell Science has proved that the body is a marvelous machine and its ability to regenerate and repair can be at times remarkable, but it is unfair to the body or any lifestyle change to expect results within days.

Tissue repair and renewal is a process, and health is a balance between tissue renewal and cellular loss.

Although some people may at times see exceptional benefits from our products within days, on average more time is needed for people to see an increase in quality of life.

Based on adult stem cell science data obtained from validated Quality of Life Assessments, a large proportion of the people beginning to take Stem Cell Nutrition supplementation are likely see benefits within 2-3 months.

So if people are interested to see whether supporting stem cells function might improve their quality of life, we recommend that they commit to taking the adult stem cell nutrition supplements for at least three months.

Along with this recommended time commitment, it is important to keep in mind that the body may at times have priorities that are different from what is in a person’s mind.

Adult stem cell science documents that your own adult stem cells will migrate in the body following a gradient of specific molecules released by organs and tissues in need of assistance.

This may or may not be related to anything that the person might want to see in terms of benefits. For example, while someone might wish to see a reversal in hair color and the development of a more youthful appearance, stem cells may have an entirely different priority and might focus their effort on renewing an aging liver or pancreas that have not yet showed signs of a problem, though they are nonetheless touched by the aging process.

So what the person wants to see may differ from what that body actually experiences. Nevertheless, regardless of a person’s expectations, stem cell science documents that your adult bone marrow stem cells will continue to perform their regenerative work in that body.

Using a Quality of Life Assessment can be an invaluable tracking tool, since oftentimes we miss noticing benefits because our focus is somewhere else, or we get used to small benefits and forget about them.

After a few months or so, many people look back and conclude that they have not really gained significant benefits, because they got used to having more energy and a new level of health. The best approach is to try Stem cell Nutrition for a few months and let the body’s stem cells do their work, naturally, according to the body’s own priority and schedule, with your Quality of Life Assessment keeping track of benefits have having millions MORE adult bone marrow adult stem cells circulating in your blood stream.

Legal Disclaimer:

These articles, stem cell science products, statements, testimonials, reviews, and videos, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are for educational and informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. The stem cell science opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and ANY products mentioned or referenced, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent ANY disease or illness.

For more stem cell science information on supporting your body’s natural ability to release stem cells, and to take advantage of wellness opportunities involving optimal health ,stem cells,stabilized Oxygen, and stem- cells-releaser capsules …

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