Stem Cells For Eye Disease

by Laurence Chilcott
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hello.. and Welcome..  my name is Laurence Chilcott ...

Hello.. and Welcome.. my name is Laurence Chilcott ...

The incredible power of our God-Given stem cells?

Seems strange doesn't; I mean up until 2007 I knew nothing about my 'adult stem cells'. I simply didn't know that I had the power within me to cure a disease of the eyes, that had developed in 2005-6 - that had been diagnosed by my eye doctor as Macular Degeneration!

And while I was offered several medical options I decided - for some strange reason - not to proceed with any, preferring to wait?

Toward the end of 2006 I received an email titled "Adult Stem Cells - A Medical Breakthrough" and being of a curious mind opened it to read about, how our very own stem cells can help us live longer and healthier?

I quickly responded to the sender to learn that a US company had developed a stem cell nutrition supplement that was clinically proven to release between 3 and 4 million 'adult stem cells' from my bone marrow into my bloodstream, wherein they(the stem cells) would repair and renew, my worn and diseased cell tissue.

Although somewhat skeptical, I intuitively believed that it would WORK . . .and it certainly appealed to me, when I considered the medical options, surgery and medications.

The rest they say is history . . . . as I took 2 capsules every day and after nine months my eye problem disappeared and has not returned since. And at aged 77 years(young now) I was greatly relieved, as I did not fancy going blind in my golden years.

Strangely enough, my eyesight has improved to the point where I no longer need my spectacles for reading or driving, and some of the usual aches and pains we oldies get, have also disappeared. This maybe due to the fact that I still continue to consume my 2 capsules every day . . .because I know that my God-Given 'adult stem cells' WORK!

Let me ask you you this question? . . .why would you seek the advice of any qualified professional, who was dying of cancer, if he could not save himself?

Especially if your very own God-Given 'adult stem cells' were able to solve any health issues you might experience during the coming years!

Trust me, our 'adult stem cells' WORK; EVERY TIME!

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How My Adult Stem Cells Restored My Sight !
by: Laurence Chilcott

As to your particular health issue: "I don't know about that"
. . .all I know is that my 'adult stem cells WORKED for me, just
as EJ Morris told me they would in late 2006; after I had
advised him of my doctors diagnosis of my eye problem; which
turned out to be Macular Degeneration.

Macular Degeneration,I learned,could eventually lead to blindness,
which as you could imagine,caused me a great deal of stress,
particularly as the two options, offered were unable to fix the

Then in late 2006(aged 76) I received an email, which gave me some hope,
as it spoke of the healing power of our God-Given 'adult stem cells';
to repair and renew our worn, damaged and diseased cell tissue and
restore - in my case - my eyes back to health,again!

I further learned that a neuro-scientist had been able to discover
an aqua-botanical plant, which was able to release millions of my(hidden
away) 'adult stem cells' into my blood, whereby these stem cells
migrated to that part of of my body under stress and commenced the
necessary repair WORK.

Now I did not want to go blind and I knew that traditional medicine,
would not FIX WHATS BROKE; so I commenced consuming the world's first
and only 'stem cell nutrition' supplement(Stemenhance by name) in
January 2007. Nothing appeared to be happening, for a while, then
the bouts of blindness became progressively less; until early September
when I suffered no problems at all and my eyes were restored back to health,

I have continued to consume Stemenhance, as I now understand that my future
health and longevity, entirely depends on having enough 'adult stem cells'
in my blood at all times, because as we age, fewer and fewer are released
from the bone marrow, which I understand is part of the aging process.

As a consequence my general health has vastly improved and my monthly
investment in Stemenhance is to me, the finest(lowest cost) investment
I can make toward my continued good health and well-being . . .and may
I humbly suggest it can be yours,too!


I have 3 siblings in my family, all of whom have had serious health issues;
one of whom has died from diabetes;another has had a 3-way-bypass(heart) and
living on 6 medications daily and the youngest with stomach cancer, 3 chemotherapy
courses and in palliative care as I write - whilst I'm on no medication whatsoever
and feeling as healthy as I did at 40 . . .?

Can Stem Cells Help my Mom's Hearing problem & Blind Uncle's Eyesight?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am in South Africa, and I want to believe in stem cell nutrition. A good friend of mine forwarded me a newsletter so I can do my own research on adult stem cells and stem cell nutrition.

My mom lost her hearing in 2005. She is now 66 years old, and a Hearing aid could not help her.
She is on and off, and she can't drive because of the balance problem. Otherwise, she's not a sick person.

Then my uncle lost his sight in Oct.1993. I don't know the diagnosis but he's totally blind. So, could more stem cells help my mom and her brother??

What about a person who's HIV positive but not really sick,can more stem cells circulating in the blood,help the HIV condition?

How can we get the Stem Cell Nutrition?

How long does one need to be on the program? If you stop and no longer take stem cell nutrition supplements what would happen? Would your health deteriorate?

Will patiently wait for a reply.

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