Spinal Cord Injury... Adult Stem Cells / Stem Cell Nutrition Testimonial

by Warren Hansen
(Tacoma, Washington)

The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal..by Christian Drapeau

The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal..by Christian Drapeau

My name is Warren Hansen.. I’m 52 years old , and I’m a paraplegic,diagnosed with a T-8 Burst Fracture in 1999.

Being an arborist ...it was a 45 foot fall from a tree, that paralyzed me from about 2 inches above
my belly button,down to my toes.

Below is my story of how I feel my own adult stem cells are working to renew, stimulate and regenerate my body .. and Why I practice Stem Cell Health Maintenance Every day, by taking stem cell nutrition capsules.

I take Stem Cell Nutrition Supplements not only because it supports more stem cell release to help my spinal cord injury, but also for the overall health of my entire body.

Around December 28th 2012 my mom received a pamphlet about a stem cell nutrition enhancer supplement.

She gave me the information to read because it said the stem cell nutrition capsules supported the Natural Release of Adult Stem Cells. My Mother knows that because I’m a paraplegic , I have an especially keen interest in how Stem Cells repair and regenerate tissues, nerves and organs.

After reading the scientific data and testimonials of what these “all natural Aphanizomenon-flos-aquae ( AFA food supplements) could do, it sounded to good to be true … and you know what they say about something that's to good to be true. I did some research about the stem cell nutrition co-inventor ,Christian Drapeau.

I found out he is a noted adult stem cell scientist, renowned stem cell researcher and a sought after speaker for many stem cell conferences. I was impressed to find that Christian Drapeau is also a bestselling author of several books, including “The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal” and “Cracking The Stem Cell Code” .. view his website, with videos and credentials here .. http://ChristianDrapeau.com

In the fields of stem cell research and wellness supplements, I found out Christian Drapeau was Co-owner and the Chief Science officer of STEMTech, Inc., the World’s First Stem Cell Nutrition Company, that was founded in 2005. Ray Carter Jr. is President and Co-owner of this California based company, that has offices in over 24 countries.

I am a paraplegic patient at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle WA., and I told a my Doctors about these stem cell enhancer capsules and how it supports the release of millions more bone marrow stem cells into blood circulation.

Being a STEMTech Independent Distributor, my doctors reviewed my company website, at http://www.RoundShoes.Stemtechbiz.com
and they saw no reason why I couldn't try the stem cell nutrition capsules. It would be good to document the benefits of releasing MILLIONS more of my bone marrow stem cells into my blood, had on my spinal cord injury.

I received my first shipment on January 10th 2013. In the box was the Stem Cell Nutrition bottles.
In about 60 minutes after taking 2 capsules your bone marrow will release 3 to 4 million fresh adult stem cells.

The stem cells then circulate throughout your blood system through your capillaries, and will then migrate into tissues, nerves, muscles and organs that are in need of
repair and renewal the most .. and start their “miracle” regenerating process.

The other stem cell nutrition supplement I received was stem cell circulation capsules,
which supports the Natural CIRCULATION of stem cells in the blood stream.

That day , I took my first servings of 2 capsules to RELEASE my Stem Cells . I took them 3x a day.
..And, I took 3 of the other “stem cell delivery” capsules to help my Stem Cell CIRCULATION .. 1x a day to start.

On the 4th day when I woke up my neuropathic discomfort that usually wakes me up or starts ramping up soon after I awake .. did NOT Happen ..and wasn't happening !

Looking at the clock, I noticed I had slept for 6 hours straight, which until then only happened 5 times in the 13 years I've been a paraplegic ! Now, after releasing Millions more stem cells into my blood .. this was the 6th time I slept so well.

..PLUS , the discomfort that I've lived with EVERY DAY since I was diagnosed with a T-8 Burst Fracture on Sept 25,1999, when I fell 45 feet from a tree, was NO LONGER THERE!

Normally my daily neuropathic pain levels consisted of a 3 to an 8 on the Doctors pain scale . 1 to 2 times in that same month the levels would shot up to a 10 and above .. lasting for 24 to 48 plus hours before ramping down to normal.

By these improvements alone, Stem Cell Nutrition has done what no prescription drugs I've taken for pain has managed to do.
On day 6, I “felt “ the sensation that I had a lower half to my body .

On day 7, I was able to detect a feeling in my belly button and a few
days after that I was having slight feelings all the way to my toes!

January 25th, still no discomforts .. and now I can feel it when I insert my catheter to urinate.
It stings a bit and I hope it soon HURTS ,..
..sounds crazy huh, but,“Feeling the HURT “ is a ‘good thing’ to someone who’s body is paralyzed !

At exactly 3 months since I took my first stem cell enhancers to Release Millions more of my OWN stem cells , as well as the stem cell Circulation enhancers ..one of best things that could happen ..HAPPENED ! You see, sometimes my feet and legs will get icy cold. When that happens I use my light with the thick glass covering to warm up my legs and feet.
When I used my light this time, I instantly started to cry with joy and happiness and thankfulness
to Christian Drapeau for discovering what this AFA blue green algae could do.. because instantly when I put that warm glass covering from the light on the bottom of my feet, the signal that goes up the spinal cord to your brain
For the very FIRST TIME since my life changed in the blink of an eye, when I fell from the tree …
I could FEEL HEAT AGAIN , not as much as I would like, but the HEAT was there!

In the months to come my ability to push my bowel movements have increased and I have full ability to cough again.
For those of you that are paralyzed, depending on your level of spinal cord injury, know how important it is to be able to cough if you ever develop a chest cold , or worst of all, a pneumonia.

At mid August 2013, a little more than 7 months from my first servings of stem cell nutrition.
I'm still 98.99 percent of the time discomfort free.
I have NOT LOST anything that I've GAINED BELOW my injury and the problems I was having ABOVE my injury in my wrists, elbows and shoulders from propelling my wheel chair, have nearly gone away.

I can't say that you will have the same results, or ANY of my results, because everybody’s body is different.

I kept drinking for a year after my injury even though it could have cost my life because being paralyzed and drinking do not work well together. So , I was at the point where I had to decide if I wanted to live .. or to die.
And I chose life .. so on Dec 20, 2001 I quit drinking and smoking cold turkey after doing both and more since I was 14.

I Needed to do this so I could be as healthy as possible when.. and if , someone found a cure or a way to improve spinal cord injuries and give hope to paraplegics and quadriplegics.

So now, every day , AFA , Stem Cell Nutrition has been supporting the DAILY mobilizing, and circulation of MILLIONS more Adult Stem Cells into my blood.

My stem cell wellness protocol has most assuredly improved my life and I can only imagine
how it might improve someone that has a new spinal card injury .

I'm 13 yrs post injury and you've now heard what millions of more fresh Adult Stem Cells being released into my blood, Every Day, have done for me.

But, even if you have no injuries at all,you would be wise to take Stem Cell Nutrition products
every day for Health Maintenance and proactive cell wellness…
because as you age , the NUMBER of your stem cells that naturally release from your bone marrow is reduced.

That’s why when you were 9 or 10 years old , when you had an abundance of stem cells,
you healed so fast when you got a cut.. or broke a bone.

But, as people and animals AGE , the cells in the body start dying FASTER than the stem cells can replace them.

So, if you think nothing is happening in your body.. and want to stop using Stem Cell Nutrition.. DON’T !

Think about it … you can't FEEL your hair grow or FEEL your fingernails getting longer , but you know they are , so you need to trust that that your OWN Adult Stem Cells are Working.. and your stem cells Know what tissues need repair in your body FIRST !

Practice daily cellular health maintenance by keeping your body healthy, so in the event you do get some sort of injury that you will have stem cells in the RIGHT NUMBERS to heal much faster.

STEMTech also makes stem cell enhancer supplements for your four legged family members, dogs, cats and horses, in a chewable and granular form. I will keep posting my progress as it happens.
Thank you.
And thank you,Christian Drapeau

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Thanks for your Stem Cell Testimonial of body renewal !
by: EJ Morris

Warren.. thanks for sharing and giving the details of your stem cell story involving your spinal cord injury.

You are living proof .. with more adult stem cells, to repair our body, that there is " Hope to Cope"

I am so happy for your body "renewal" .. you not only became a team builder STEMTech Independent Business Partner , but you have become a true friend.

As stem cell visionaries, we will travel down the long,challenging road to wellness and recovery, sharing inspiration and helping others.

... as stated by Dr. Allan Somersall..
in his bestselling book .. “The Amazing Power of STEM CELL NUTRITION”
Everybody has Stem Cells..
Everybody Uses Stem Cells..
Everybody Uses Stem Cells EVERY Day..
Stem Cells WORK..
They Work EVERY Time !

Please keep us posted on your "Road to Recovery" progress.

Onward..and UPward..


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