MULTIPLE MYELOMA & Adult Stem Cells..Need Help

Has anyone suffering from multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer)tried stem cell nutrition and have some feedback to provide about the experience? With all that I have read about releasing stem cells from the bone marrow I would not want to do anything that could possibly enhance the growth or spread of my wife's disease. We have been treating her illness homeopathically for nearly 3 years now, thus far avoiding the various side effects of the revlimid/velcade/dexamethasone protocol. But with what we have been doing we are not curing it, just holding it steady at a level just below the treatment threshold without any conventional treatment. Yes I am very thankful for our current situation BUT I WANT TO DO BETTER. At the same time, I do not want to consider anything that could have a negative effect on her condition. Does anyone out there have any input, pro or con?

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