Is there a stem cell nutrition supplement that helps eradicate plaque from arteries?

by Laurence Chilcott
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hello, my name is Laurence Chilcott and my partner who has angina problems is constantly getting small but sharp pain, virtually daily which on diagnosis appears to be due to lack of oxygen in the blood - which is confirmed after investigating on the Internet - which leads me to ask the following question?

Is there a natural "stem cell" remedy or nutrition supplement that will help remove the plaque from inside the artery wall?

Because it seems to me(as an engineer) that the blood thinning medication she is taking is possibly the reason why there is too little oxygen in the blood and as a consequence the heart is experiencing this lower oxygen level and the sharp pain is it's way of letting her know?

I look forward to an early value-added response-thank you

Laurence Chilcott

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Re H2O5 and free O2 in the blood
by: Laurence Chilcott

Hello fellow Health Enthusiast,
Thank you kindly for your excellent suggestion re removing the plaque from partially blocked arteries, I well know about Madison Cavanagh first class thesis under the title "The One Minute Cure", however I do not recall reading that H2O5(HydrogenPeroxide) actually removes plaque?

However I'm happy to be informed that H2O5 does indeed progressively remove plaque from within our arteries and welcome your response to my query.
Thank You
Regards, 'Laurence Chilcott
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Help for Lack of Oxygen
by: Cor Hoff

I am NOT a doctor, and I'm NOT making any health claims what-so-ever. This is from my personal opinions, research and experiences...

Lack of oxygen is the cause of many ailments..

For extra oxygen I have used the Hydrogen Oxygen therapy option.

The chemical formula is H2O2
That means there is in this oxygen molecule an extra 'O' that wants to be set free.

You can go to health food store and buy 35% Hydrogen peroxide It must be FOOD GRADE.
Dilute this in a quart of water with only 10% Hydrogen peroxide.

Take 5 drops in a glass of water 3 x per day.
( I started with 10 drops per day).
Increase the number of drops by one everyday till the maximum of 25
Keep that for at least 10 days or as long as it is needed.

It is a great rejuvenating product and it appears that renegade cells do not like it one bit because they hate oxygen.

You may also be able to go a holistic health clinic for an ozone treatment that will also give the extra oxygen.
Disclaimer: These messages and posts, along with referenced blogs and websites, include my opinions and suggestions .. and the opinions and suggestions of other people throughout the world. I am personally associated with some companies mentioned or referred ,while with others, I have absolutely no affiliation. Any wellness products referenced or health statements made , have not been evaluated by the FDA . Any products mentioned or reviewed , and testimonies relating to Any wellness or nutrition products for humans or animals, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent Any disease or illness. Please consult your health care professionals, Doctor or Veterinarian.

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