How I overcame my serious 'eye disease':Macular Degeneration

by Laurence Chilcott

My adult stem cells,keeps me young

My adult stem cells,keeps me young

Hello health sufferers,
I'm 79 years young(NOW) and some 3 years ago was found to be suffering from a disease in both my eyes,which my doctor identified as a form of Macular Degeneration.

I was offered a number of options as to overcoming the problem,which I was told might eventually lead to blindness.However I was not keen on the options and decided to do a bit of research on the Internet.

After some time I found information about the incredible power of our own 'adult stem cells'. I visited youtube and learnt that clinical trials had been conducted over more than ten years;wherein sick patients had had their adult stem cells extracted and then re-injected back into the diseased area - as in a diseased heart,for example - so that the heart was now back to full health. To say that I was surprised to find this,is truly an understatement;I was flabbergasted;and thats the truth.

About that time I received an email from an American(EJ Morris) regarding an equally amazing product he called the world's first 'stem cell enhancer'. Apparently this product was medically proven to release your very own 'adult stem cells' from your bone marrow;in fact some 3.5 million consuming just 2 capsules daily.

This wonderful information gave me new hope,as I learnt that our adult stem cells are able to repair and renew,worn,damaged and DISEASED cell tissue;so I decided to give it a go-after all,what could I lose?

After some 9 months on this remarkeable 'stem cell enhancer' my blurred vision has gone and a recent visit to an eye specialist confirmed my eyesight is now fully healthy - in fact,I dont need glasses for reading - how about that?

If you would like to learn more about your health issues,please contact me,I'm only to pleased to share the good news with you

Laurence Chilcott

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