Can Stem Cells Help Repair
Enlarged Prostate

by Frank

Your Own Adult Stem Cells Can Help Repair & Regenerate The Body

Your Own Adult Stem Cells Can Help Repair & Regenerate The Body

There have been a number of research articles published in the last couple of years about the cause of enlarged prostate. According to preliminary research the cause may be an out of balance ratio of different types of stem cells involved in the prostate.

This may be caused by changing hormone levels, or other related changes, according to some research. "Stem cells gone wild" so to speak. How would stem cell nutrition bring these into balance? You wouldn't want the wrong stem cells to increase.

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Enlarged Prostate

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Stem Cells Work.. Stem Cells Work Every Time!
by: Laurence Chilcott

Dear Frank,

You are correct, there has been a great deal of research done on the healing power of our ‘adult stem cells’ and for the most powerful of all reasons – they WORK .. and they WORK EVERY TIME!

We can visit and see evidence of how a few selected clinics and their understanding physicians are presently extracting the ‘adult stem cells’ of their sick and dying patients and then re-injecting these same stem cells into the ‘area under stress or diseased” and restoring them back to health, again.

This treatment, called ‘stem cell therapy’ has been going on for almost 15 years, and many thousands are still alive today as a consequence of the healing power of their adult stem cells?

Please Note: If you’d like to view videos / studies of such treatments, type the following terms in the ***GOOGLE*** or **YOU-TUBE** search field ie. stem cells heart disease – OR stem cells cancer – OR stem cells Parkinson’s disease , OR stem cells Prostrate, etc.

Below is my testimonial from an aged pensioner in Australia:

As to my own personal experience, all I know is that when I learned( from EJ Morris) that when I combined ‘stem cell nutrition’ ( a natural health supplement from STEMTech ,Inc) with the release of my own adult stem cells; I was able to restore my ‘eye disease’ ( diagnosed as Macular Degeneration by my MD) back to health, again – which demonstrated to me that our own stem cells WORK!

And at 83 years, I’m eternally grateful to God, Our Maker: .. because the physician I visited had advised that anything they could do, would still eventually lead to BLINDNESS!

Please Note: I continue to consume the stem cell nutrition supplement capsules Every Day,in order to maintain my present level of health and well being.

I trust my response has helped you with your prostrate concerns; as what I’ve discovered about the healing power of our adult stem cells, seems to represent the truth and nothing but.

Yours Sincerely,
Laurence Chilcott

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