AFA, Klamath Lake, Oregon, and Adult Stem Cell Nutrition

by Cor Hoff
(London, Ontario, Canada)

The wonders of Klamath Lake, Oregon, AFA, and Patented Adult Stem Cell Nutrition

Hello everyone

Preventative health measures have been at the top of my health interest for more years than I remember. During my countless health seminars I have impressed upon the attendees that just because you do not feel sick that does not mean you are not sick.

Sickness manifests itself in time and it may be too late when symptoms appear to correct the deficiencies.
I can not express in words my desire to have everyone I speak with to have those same preventative benefits.

I was excited when 6 years ago I was introduced to Stem cell Nutrition! And what a ride it has been!
I am 79 years old (young) and no one can guess my right age. They all are wrong by about 15 -20 years.
Did the Stem Cell Enhancer capsules and my daily stem cell nutrition supplementation,have something to do with that? You be the judge.

Why do I take Stem Cell Nutrition EVERY DAY?

Well, the answer is very simple! I know that I am getting older.
I know that the number of stem cells circulating in my older body to do the repair they should do, are much fewer in number. (This starts as early as in the twenties)

I do not have a doctorate in health but my math is good! I know that if my aging body decreases my production of healthy substances, my health regresses and I have to do something about it if I can!

I have to find natural ways to encourage my bone marrow to be more productive and release more Adult Stem Cells into my blood stream.

That is where the minuses are becoming pluses or at least the good healthy substances. They have the ability to assist the body where help is needed. And here is where ‘my math’ comes in. I need to add to the minuses I have, the pluses of the number of stem cells I need for proper functioning of my body and organ repair. Pretty simple is it not? It is like - 2 plus 2 = 2

I have been asked what I feel different.
That is a rather interesting question. Because aging is a long and slow process.

This starts with many people already in their 20’s and is generally not noticeable. The problems will manifest themselves later in life and all of a sudden you wake up one day and you say I do not feel well.

At the beginning of the second paragraph I said “Why do I feed my body a daily supply of Stem Cell Nutrition Capsules and tablets”.

Well, by taking the only PATENTED and proven by a double blind, placebo controlled crossover clinical study.. ... Yes, this Stem Cell Enhancer is the only AFA formulated Patented product from a natural botanical water plant, AFA (harvested from Klamath Lake,Oregon (or now the Advanced Formula SE2 with increased effectiveness).

...This AFA propriety formula "Super Food" can add to the release of Stem Cells an extra 3 to 4 MILLION Stem Cells into my blood stream every day I take the 2 stem cell nutrition capsules.

These newly mobilized bone marrow stem cells then migrate to where repairs and renewal is needed within the tissues and organs. And then the Adult Stem Cells Go to WORK as the body's Natural System!

This to me is nothing less than preventative health maintenance for young people. I leave it up to your imagination what it can do for older people. Just ask me.

Cor Hoff
519-685-3997 or cell 519-872-6561.
or email:

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Your Adult Stem Cells WORK!
by: Laurence Chilcott

Fellow Citizens,
Know this : " Your adult stem cells " WORK!
Did you know that your very own God-Given stem cells are able to repair your worn out, damaged and DISAEASED cell tissue?

Which means to you and I: "that a diseased heart, say, can be repaired and made healthy again - and get this; without the aid of prescription drugs or surgery?

But can I prove it? . . .absolutely, just by visiting and typing 'adult stem cells' in the search field - where you will discover hundreds of short video clips, evidencing sick patients with heart disease - for example - receiving injections of their own stem cells ,which returns their heart back to normal after a few injections!

Along with our stem cells we need a proven 'stem cell enhancer' a recently introduced powerful supplement thats proven to promote the release of our adult stem cells to repair and FIX what's BROKE

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