AFA extract Releases Stem Cells from Bone Marrow

by Cor Hoff
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Cor Hoff,  Stemtech Independent Distributor

Cor Hoff, Stemtech Independent Distributor

Dear Mr.W.S

Thanks for your question re: the World's first Stem Cell Nutrition Company..
I have been a Stemtech Independent Distributor for 7 years +.
The company is now in 8 years in 24 countries on every continent.

I doubt very much that a scam product would be one of the 5 most known companies for their products. Our internet rating is about 1.500 out of the millions of websites on the net.

I have taken the product for 7 + years and will turn 79 on September 8 D.V.
When people meet me for the first time they are surprised to hear my age and generally remark, well you certainly don't look like it.
Could it be the AFA extract Stem Cell Nutrition product, by it releasing millions more stem cells, be responsible for it?

One doctor reported he had suffered a stroke and lost his ability to put a sentence together and now can talk again. He has changed from a wheelchair to walking again and he puts it this way: "We have a God given repair system that is less and less effective as we get older for various reasons. This system is our built in Stem Cell repair system". The major part of this system is located in the bone marrow, although there are many other sources in our body that have stem cells but work in a different fashion.

The Stem Cells we are working with are the Adult Stem Cells from the bone marrow. Each one of these cells has the ability to become cells for whatever part of the body needs repair. This is called 'pluripotent'. So when these cells are released from the bone marrow they go through the blood system to where repair is needed. If it is the heart, they become heart cells, and do their repair there. If they need to go to the liver, they become liver cells etc.

As we get older more repair is needed but the supply diminishes.

This is a Natural Extract and is a Food supplement derived from Aphanizomenon-flos-aquae (or AFA for short), encourages the bone marrow to release the Adult Stem Cells into the blood.

An SOS message is going out from the body part in need and that is where they go and do their repair work.

As I said, as we get older we get a diminished release of Adult Stem Cells with an increased demand for them. It is like a double whammy. Our Adult Stem Cells are unlike other Stem Cell products on the market.

It was discovered that 2 components were actively causing the release of extra Adult Stem Cells. But the actual active amount was small and so with much further research it was discovered that a concentration of 5-1 would make a product that, when taking 2 capsules, within an hour period 3-4,000.000 extra Stem Cells were released.

This was discovered in a double blind placebo controlled study. The result of this is that we now have a patented product.
Do you know of any stem cell nutrition company that has a patent?

I would like to invite you to go to my URL where you will be able to read and hear about it.
Click on the Canadian Flag
Click on Science in the top row
Read the 5 studies
Scroll down and read about many other studies

Go back to the front page
Scroll down to 'About Stem Tech' on the left side.
Scroll down to the explanation of the Stem Tech story

You can also go to
Here you find more info.

I hope this will be sufficient as an answer to you.

Please let me know your personal health concerns and let's see what Stem Cell Nutrition, mobilizing millions more stem cells,can possibly mean for you.

Have a great day

Cor Hoff

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