Natural Killer Cells
( NK cells) can Search and Destroy Cancer Cells and
Viral Infected Cells ...

Novel Immunotherapy

Natural Killer Cells

 Data coming out of Italy and China are clear and impressive:

Young people (under 30) have much, much lower mortality rates than older individuals.

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Natural Killer Cells ( NK cells) are a type of white blood cell …and are a major component of the human body's innate immune system.

Over 1,000 Natural Killer Cells  are found in every drop of blood.

They provide a fast defense against tumors, viruses and bacterial infections, by latching onto and killing cells in the human body that are cancerous or are infected with a virus or a bacterial pathogen.

There are many studies and much research on what wellness elements and nutrition choices activate Natural Killer Cells in the body.


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Researchers are racing to develop vaccines and antiviral therapies ...


One promising option is immunotherapy, which uses components of our immune system to alter or boost its response. Immunotherapy has been used successfully to treat other Viral Diseases as well as Cancer and Diseases of the Immune System.


An important immunotherapeutic approach uses Natural Killer Cells. These cells are part of the innate immune system, which responds immediately to new pathogens. (The adaptive immune system, by contrast, develops specific responses over time.)

NK cells home in on and kill cancerous or virally infected cells by recognizing molecules expressed by those cells, called stress antigens. For patients incapable of an adequate, innate immune response, adoptive transfer therapy by infusing NK cells is a direct way to bolster the immune system’s function.

Bone Marrow Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells) : Origin, Distinctive Features, and Requirements for Tissue Localization


NK cell maturation is a continuous process, which initiates in the bone marrow and proceeds in peripheral tissues, where NK cells follow distinct differentiation routes.

Drastic phenotypic changes are observed during progression from precursors to mature NK cells, including changes of expression and functionalities of several chemoattractant receptors.

Upon differentiation, mature NK cells migrate outside the bone marrow; as well, peculiar subsets of NK cells can also home back to or localize in this anatomic compartment to play specific functions.

In humans, NK cells with a tissue resident phenotype have been identified in bone marrow, sharing similarities with tissue resident memory CD8+ T cells; while in mouse, long-lived NK cells undergo homeostatic proliferation in this site during viral infections.

The mechanisms underlying NK cell subset localization in the bone marrow have only recently started to be investigated, especially in pathological settings such as tumors or infections. In this review, we discuss the phenotype and function of NK cells as well as their requirements for bone marrow maintenance and/or homing.  Continue Reading HERE